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comm: translucent

a sketch commission for :icondashima: c:

thank you!

character (c) to ~dashima

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just wondering do you do any linearts or sketches and then pain over it or is this just full out painting?
Lowis13's avatar
amazing art!!
my heart rejoices at the sight of their new designs there! ^^
Myrethy's avatar
I love the smile on his face!
SarahSoak's avatar
This makes me happy. Your colours are amaaazing. <3
IHeartTwins7392's avatar
your colors are lovely and balanced and i love those wings! great work =)
Zalogon's avatar
I always have to fav your paintings...
ziblie's avatar
Love the way you expressed those hands! So dimensional.
Dancing-Miriam's avatar
o jaki słodziak słodziak słodziaak~~! ^U^ i fajnie rozwiązałaś te skrzydła!
Sofakitty's avatar
Cool wings. I love to see beautiful drawn anatomical correct wings ;)
Kenshin--Kenshin's avatar
Wow. It's very beautiful <3
Kodasea's avatar
Awesome work. :D
Vieve-Kethrun's avatar
Lovely work. I love your shading/coloring.
kerrikat's avatar
I'm in love with the soles of his shoes. ^w^

I love your style - another great piece! :)
ArtofBeingTim's avatar
Amazing!!  Everything about this is absolutely stunning!
Houndourka's avatar
alez ma ostre rece mogl by nimi ciąć B)
Cocolox's avatar
this is really freakin badass
Mika246's avatar
Nicee! I love the wings :)
Belevow's avatar
Aside from his wings being an obvious attraction, I'm really loving his face and hair. That nose. <3
greyxm's avatar

Very stunning.

Loving the pose!

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