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The Affair Cubs
Original base link:…

Base creator: Teal-Quil

And credit to Savu0211


"The boy's name is Oliver and the girl's name is Ayana," Sammy said as she placed Ayana next to her younger brother. Scar looked down at his two newborn cubs and sighed. Sammy knew that she and Scar would be in trouble if Zira ever found out about their affair.

"After you leave I'm leaving the Pridelands," Sammy announced. Scar sighed again knowing he'll never see Ayana and Oliver again.

"Take good care of them." Scar said and picked his son up and placed him near Sammy's paws and did the same for Ayane. Scar walked away leaving a teary-eyed Sammy with their two cubs.


The Lion King belongs to Disney.
Base link:…

Base creator: Truelightportal

"Is Shakra ready?" Scar asked Ure.

"Yes, she's ready," Ure answered and walked away. Scar looked into the den and smiled when he saw his wife carrying Shakra by the scruff of Shakra's neck.

"She looks beautiful Zira." Scar commented. Zira smiled and carried her daughter over to Rafiki. Rafiki took Shakra and raised the princess above his head. The animals cheered as they watched the baboon present them their future queen.

Five minutes later Rafiki took Shakra and gave her back to Zira. Rafiki grabbed one of his gourds and smeared red juice on Shakra's forehead. Rafiki smiled and walked away.

The Lion King belongs to Disney.
Original Base Link:…

Base creator: ChubNarwhalBases


"The boy's name is Shaida and the girl's name is Shakra." Scar announced to his mother as Zira licked Shakra's hair tuft.

"They're beautiful Scar but who will be the new king or queen?" Ure asked.

"Shakra will be the new queen once she has her first cub." Scar said. Zira tightened her hold on her twins.

"But Scar! There are only three male cubs and they're all two or three years older than her!" Zira protested. Scar looked at her with anger.

"Ok, when Shakra has her first cub she will become queen." Zira agreed. Shakra whimpered and nuzzled her mother's chest.

"It's going to be ok baby," Zira whispered and watched her mate and mother-in-law leave the den.


The Lion King belongs to Disney.

Scar, Zira, and Ure belong to Disney.
Jaiden, Janay, and Jay
Base link:…

Base creator: Teal-Quil



Gender: Female

Mother: Aneko

Father: Uknown.

Sister: Tomiko

Personality: Shy, Foolish



Gender: Female

Mother: Yumi

Father: Toshi

Brothers: Taro, Teiji, Suzu.

Sisters: Miya, Mitsu.

Personality: Adventurous, Kind, Smart.



Gender: Male

Mother: Uknown

Father: Uknown

Brother: Miki

Personality: Smart, Kind, unhealthy.


Lion King belongs to Disney.
Can't believe my youngest sister has been in my life for almost ten years!


United States


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