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Forgetting somepony?

MLP Derpy Emoticon Gif  "wut?"

Queen Chrysalis icon (2)  "who are you?! and what are you doing here?"

:iconderpyhurrahplz:  "Starlight said she'd give me a muffin if I beat you!!"

Queen chrysalis icon  "Ha! A little pony like you is not a treat for a Queen like me"

:iconderpyrugplz:  "I'll just warn you..."

:iconderpyangryplz:  "I really want that muffin"

And no one never heard of Chrysalis again. The end ;P

Backgrounds by:  :iconjeatz-axl:

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Derpy is now the new Changling Queen!

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The changelings once tried to mimic Derpy, but instead they BECAME Derpy for a day and that's how the hive got so many random holes in it.
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Head-cannon approved! :la:
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*Alternate line.*
Queen chrysalis icon And who may that be?
:iconstarlightbigeyeplz: ME! :love:
LittleTigressDA's avatar
Ha! It's so true that it hurts! :D I feel like I need to re-do the comic just to add that line :XD:
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Get 'em Derpy! Sick that bug bitch!
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Two options if you have last muffin:
1. Run (you die in suffering)
2. Give her maffin and pray to Faus you got out alive
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nope even if i love derpy hooves that ***** isnt harming the love bugs
LittleTigressDA's avatar
She doesn't need to hurt the bugs, all she had to do to defeat Chrysalis is to destroy her throne!
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And many muffin-sized lumps were put onto bughorse's head. XD
LittleTigressDA's avatar
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So many lumps! XD
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I wonder how Gilda and/or Gabby would've coped in this situation. Come on, I can't be the only one who wanted to see Gilda and/or Gabby make an appearance in this episode.
LittleTigressDA's avatar
There's a lot of characters I wanted to see in this episode... And Gilda was one of them :(

Do you mean if they were captured, or if they had known that Rainbow Dash and the others were captured?
Zecora-IAIS7081's avatar
If I was to write it, maybe word of the Changeling invasions would have reached the Gryphon kingdom, and Gilda, remembering how much Rainbow Dash means to her and the lesson the she and Pinkie taught her, figures it is as good of a time as any to return the favor. Maybe Gabby could get roped in, and Gilda could make a "Hobbit" reference.

Random Gryphon: Gilda, where are you going.
Gilda: I'm going on an adventure!
Gabby: An adventure?!? Can I come too?
Gilda: Bu-
Gabby: Ple-e-e-e-e-e-e-ease
Gilda: Ugh, fine!
Gabby: WOO-HOO!
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