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"Guess this is as far as I go... I'm so sorry... Ma vhenan."

Do you ever think about how Tamlen was the one who brought Mahariel out of that cave? Which means he must have been conscious. Mahariel was unconscious for 3 days and only regained her strenght after she was temporarily healed with the Keeper's magic... which means Tamlen must've been weak, and on the edge of losing consciousness when he dragged Mahariel away from that cursed mirror...
Have you also thought that he felt something bad was happening, and that he would start being a danger? So as much as it pained him (literally), he moved into the cave again, away from Mahariel. Waiting for what he thought was his death?
I have. I have thought about these scenarios a lot, and I'm so sad.

For anyone who doesn't know, this is a side character from Dragon Age: Origins. He... does not get a happy ending.

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Ouch, as if I didn't feel bad enough about Tamlen xd. But I really love this drawing and the style. It really catches the essence of the feelings I had about it. And, yes, I get way too involved in my games.
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I knoowwww right. The pain is real. TT n TT
& Thank you. ^^