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"They say Ghilan'nain was one of the People, in the days before Arlathan, and the chosen of Andruil the Huntress. She was very beautiful—with hair of snowy white—and as graceful as a gazelle. She kept always to Andruil's Ways, and Andruil favored her above all others."

I really love Ancient Greek (and therefore also Ancient Greek based styles/periods i.e. Rennaissance, Classicism, etc.) statues and just the general aesthetic. So when I visited Vienna for a few days I got really inspired.
Technically there should've been more clutter, weapons or cloth or whatever, but I do like to keep things simple.

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Every time I look at the thumbnail for this, I think it is a single creature so I got kinda excited about you getting into body-horror...
But all jokes aside, this is a gorgeous piece! The smoothness is really quite impressive
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Can't argue with that logic lol
(..fuck, replied to the wrong comment xDD)
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No worries, I would not have noticed 
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Don't try to convert me to your creepy stuff.. D:
Jk but honestly that'd be pretty sick design... you might be on to something. Kinda like a centaur gone drastically wrong.

Thanks!! I mainly worked with a soft brush, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to achieve such smooth blending haha.
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A little creepy stuff never hurt anyone...
See? Now that sounds like a cool idea! Perhaps some transfiguration spell that didn’t quite go as planned or a shapeshifting malfunction
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Sounds like something an Eldritch Horror would say...
What an awful fate! I like it 😂
juniorWoodchuck's avatar
And seeing as an Eldritch Horror surely can’t be wrong, it must be a great idea 
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