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Artists in self-portraits are less cute than they appear.

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Thank you for the in depth critique!
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I have to start out by telling you that your idea for your character is very good! She's so cute and has a very sweet look on her face that matches the strawberry theme. Her shirt, necklace and hair have a fun, summery feel that makes her look very carefree and generally fun.

I do, however, see very quickly that you favor your left side. Everything on the left is beautiful, well drawn and thought out, and generally in its place. On the right, however, it looks like things kind of got out of control. The ear on the right (her left) is larger, higher and angled more downward. Likewise, her left (our right) shoulder is out of proportion to the rest of her body, raised a little too high to be natural, and perhaps a little wider than the one on the left. This is actually a very common thing for artists to have (I still do it when I'm not paying attention). When you're working on a piece, when it's still in a draft format (pencil sketch or underlines when you're working on a computer), either use a mirror to see what it looks like backwards, or flip it on your computer. You'd be surprised at how different it can look when you do this, and this way you will be able to balance out your tendency to favor one side! It's something that takes a while to grow out of, so keep working on it.

The background is very cute, but I think it might be too dark and contrasty and actually ends up being a distraction rather than helping bring the character forward. A simple fix might be just to soften the lines to a soft pink or pastel yellow rather than red.

Your outfit is very cute, like I said, but I really think that it would be a whole lot cuter and make her more lovable if you had spent a little more time on shading her shirt a little better. It's very easy, I know, to throw a couple squiggly lines on there and call them wrinkles, but it ends up making your finished piece look sloppy. With this piece, you probably could have gotten away with very little clothing wrinkles since her shirt looks tight anyway. My suggestion, the next time you draw a character, is to find a picture of some clothing you like (try the DA stock pictures!) and study the picture. Really look at how the light works on the wrinkles. Trust me, it will really improve your art a lot!

All in all, I like your piece. It has a fun, playful feeling to it that really makes you want to say hello to your cute girl. I think it shows you have a lot of potential, and with continued practice, you'll be drawing stuff that'll wow everyone!
..::But It Helps::..
Thank you for the critique! I love giving them, too, I just wish that people other than subscribers could give and receive them.

It's actually kinda late and I was about to turn off my ';puter, but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your critique and comment! I love hearing what people think about my art, especially other artists. We get so used to our own art and have a hard time seeing the silly mistakes we make.

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