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October 27, 2021
Acquisitions Bureau Chapter 7 Page 15 by LittleRunningMouse
Featured by DrZime
Suggested by bscruffy
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Acquisitions Bureau Chapter 7 Page 15


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Also available on Webtoon! Please subscribe!

In London, 1868, the upper and lower classes are divided quite literally, and the memory of the Automaton Catastrophe of 1865 haunts the public memory. None are more haunted however, than the inventors and their patrons who had, in their incessant desire for progress, nearly set their society back one hundred years. Now Inventing is banned, but that does not mean it no longer occurs. How best to profit from this new and emerging black market? You'll need the help of the Acquisitions Bureau.

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Congratulations on getting featured 😊

LindArtz's avatar

Congrats on your DD for this wonderful work!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Just came across your web comic today. More than pleasantly surprised by the consistent excellence in both characters, storytelling and art. The word balloons are engaging yet clear, the range of expressions and zany characters are captivating and energetic, and the motivations and world-building are both unique and fascinating.

Definitely Daily deviation material!! Keep up the excellent work!

LittleRunningMouse's avatar

Thanks so much! This made my week!

bscruffy's avatar

Excellent, I'm happy to give you a bit of return for the enjoyment I've gotten out of your story.

You display a well developed talent and practiced hand, I look forward to seeing more of your work.

LittleRunningMouse's avatar

I also upload a bit more regularly to Webtoon, I have sections explaining some historical context there as well.

bscruffy's avatar

Good; I was hoping you were getting some well-deserved recognition on other galleries as well. I will check out Webtoons and look for LittleRunningMouse. You could add your Webtoons and tumblr links to the bottom of each of your DA pages since I'm sure there are others who would be interested as well.

Again many thanks for an excellent ongoing story!

LittleRunningMouse's avatar

The Littlerunningmouse username is a bit of an artifact, I use a different username there. Just search "Acquisitions Bureau" on webtoon. Thanks again!

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