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Very first drawing of Gabriel... before I even named him Gabriel. I drew him up when I was going through some rough shit with my ex hence why he has the three of swords tattooed on his chest that I later rendered with an eyeball because I saw a neat eyeball heart on a tattoo website and decided he should have that tattoo instead :p he's blind AND deaf btw. I have some drawings where his eyes aren't bleeding but he's still blind in them. His eyes are milky white when they aren't bleeding through gauze. When I drew him up with his eyes cut out and his throat slit and sealed up, the blindness represented my naivety in my previous relationship and how I was creating an illusion that everything was fine between him and I when in actuality I was hurting myself hence the slit throat. The slit throat also represented how I was always afraid to stick up for myself to my ex in fear of being rejected or worse since he was very abusive. So this piece is also very painfully personal to me... and to this day I'm still pretty nervous to share this publicly but this took forever. I literally poured my heart out coloring this after my ex and I got into a huge argument and he broke a bunch of shit and hurled a few objects at me. So I'm disabling comments because I'm just here to share this... I don't want to hear anyone's opinion about my last relationship or anything. I'm merely explaining the meaning behind this piece.
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