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January 5, 2012
I'm still beautiful by ~littlerobin87
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I'm still beautiful

Odin is an amazingly special cat. Named for the one-eyed God, Odin has a journey of a story which I feel compelled to share with those of you who are interested to listen.

Odin had a hard life at the beginning, he was an outside cat who got more than his share of human anger and hatred. Initially, the shelter said he's had his eye shot out by a pellet gun. (We found out, close to 11 years after we adopted him, that it was, in fact, a blast from a shotgun with birdshot that had left embedded metal in his head. Thankfully, the vet assured us that it didn't seem to hurt him to leave the shrapnel where it was.)

Unfortunately his eye was lost. Our shelter tried their very best to fix him up, however, his stitching hadn't healed correctly. Also, they had left in his right tooth, which was fractured from impact, to abscess.

I saw images of Odin (called "Winky" by the shelter) on their website in March of 2008, and something about him pulled me. I begged my husband, who at the time didn't want another cat, to at least let me go and take a look at him. He was about a year old at the time and still had the stitches in his eye when he was brought out to us. The woman handed him to my husband and he laid his head against my husband's chest.

Call it love at first sight, the next day we were taking him home. He was clearly hanging on. A strong cat, he pulled through another surgery to remove the abscessed tooth and we discovered through the vet that his blood work returned with his blood sugar through the roof, meaning that not only was he suffering from his ordeal, he was diabetic.

My husband worried for ages that he wouldn't make it, but I kept hoping, kept praying. I applied medicine to his eye to help it heal and kept a close watch on the spot where his tooth was.

Now nearly a year later, he's gained to a healthy weight, his eye has healed marvelously, and his blood sugar is still maintained through insulin shots. He's well behaved, never once fighting me while giving him shots. He sleeps on my legs at night, and purrs nearly every time I touch him. I believe that love, more than anything, kept us going, and has allowed him to be this part of my life.

Even after everything he's been through, he's still beautiful in my eyes. Some may cringe, but I look at him and see an angel. :heart:

Edit 5.10.2009: Thank you all so very much for all the sweet and heartwarming comments! I can't possibly reply to all of them, but I greatly appreciate everything said, and I have taken time to read every single one. Odin thanks you too, I'm sure. :) :heart: You've all been so sweet and accepting; and I feel I just can not express my gratitude in words!

Edit 11.19.2011 - Good News! After a trip to the vet today to check his glucose, they've told me that they suspect Odin is in remission from his diabetes! All your sweet thoughts and comments have been amazing, and I greatly appreciate everything. :heart: I will update again once they have completed the tests and he is officially deemed in remission!

Edit 1.5.2012 - A Daily Deviation! Oh thank you, thanks to all of you! I'm so surprised! Odin and I appreciate every single comment and favorite (and I read them all). Thank you again, everyone, for sharing his story! :heart: I am so touched by you guys.

Edit 1.24.2012 - No more diabetes, it seems, for Odin!!!! :D We're all certainly thrilled! Also, by request, I have made Odin a facebook fan page.… Come give him a like and share stories and fanart! Also see new pictures posted here! :)

Edit 11.20.2020 - My sweet boy left us due to cancer in May of 2020. He was deeply loved, comfortable, and at peace. We miss him so dearly, but I have decided to continue his legacy by continuing to adopt animals who have suffered abuse and mistreatment. Our current legacy holder is Freya, who was tossed from the window of a moving vehicle at just 2 months old.

Consider visiting Odin's Legacy on Facebook to follow her story as well. Or just pop in and give us a hello! We'd love to see you.…
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Blessings on Odin's soul. He will meet you at the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge.

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He Is so cute! I’m so sorry you lost him. I had a cat named lynx who died 😭😭😭 you can see him and his family on my page

fnafandwarriorcats28's avatar

Also I call my cat lynx the god cat lynx cuz he was my fav

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rest in peace, strong soldier

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Rest peacefully Odin...

he,s with his namesake now...

NoireComicsStudio's avatar

Beautiful baby!! How is he today?

NoireComicsStudio's avatar

Oh noes, im so sorry!!

I have gone though losing many fur babies!!

I understand fully!

I did some art of all our babies who are playing at the rainbow bridge waiting for us till its our time, my hubby says we are gonna have a herd when that day comes because we keep adopting more and more kitties :hug:

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My cat suffered the same fate but he had two eyes. His appendix bursted and it killed him.

NoireComicsStudio's avatar

@littlerobin87 and @Cameronboyceiscute I am so sorry, i feel the pain.

We had 3 of our babies that didn't show signs of kidney issues till it was too late :'(

We had two that showed signs early enough with special food and fluids every couple of days we were able to help them out to live longer!

One kitty though after a year her body finally said "ive had enough"

we lost her this summer

My other kitty though we were told she had kidney issues over 2 years ago and shes still pulling through strong.

They didn't and aren't suffering, our one that is still with us is doing VERY well!

We just have to keep an eye on her RBC.

I think all our babies are gonna be waiting for us when our day comes at the rainbow bridge :heart: till then we just keep adopting more and more kitties so they keep having more and more siblings to play with to keep them company till we get there :D

the pain never goes away, I had 2 of my kitties pass away in my arms because I knew thats how they wanted it, one was kidney issues we came home because the doc said it was a 50/50 chance of her being able to pull through, i could tell she wanted to be at home with everyone else so we took her home and gave her that chance, but after a few days she was tired.

Our other one was unexpected he had a heart murmur all his life so we think that is what happened with him but he held on long enough that I found him in his usual spot one morning after I woke up and when I picked him up soon after he told me it was time and fell asleep on the way to the vets.

Its always hard and it never gets easier but we can't show our other babies that we have that we are sad and crying, that would make them feel bad.

but anyway, sorry for the rambling ^^;

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Rest In Peace beautiful angel 😢
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Hail ODIN !!      You Salute Icon You Salute Icon Smiley Barbarian Blond Armed - 001 Ruso Emoticon 
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Beautiful then, Beautiful now, Beautiful always.

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Precious, and his face is sweet. Thank you for giving him a good home.

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I love this little guy.  I saw a post for him on Facebook.  What a sweetie!
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He's really beautiful, just the way he is! Not enough of all this beauty he still makes poses for the camera! PRETTY!
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Wow !!! Nice Winking .... Awesome Capture ... Good Man !! Great Job ...
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