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Le Return~ REDRAWN by LittleRedRidingNerd Le Return~ REDRAWN :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 3 0 Shads and Shiro REDRAW by LittleRedRidingNerd Shads and Shiro REDRAW :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 1 0 Back to back REDRAWN by LittleRedRidingNerd Back to back REDRAWN :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 0 0
Shads x ??- Break Up In A Small Town
Break Up In A Small Town(Austin Awake Version): Shads x ??
     Shads POV
I really mean it everything I say
  I mean every word
And its the hardest thing I've ever had to go through
I see you out and have to act like I don't know you
  You moved on pretty quick. This is the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me and you look like you’re having the time of your life. As if this break up hasn’t effected you at all..
  Anytime I see you anywhere, I have to turn away and act like I don’t know who you are or else I’ll lose my shit.
I knew it would be hard but didn't know that it be this tough
Knew I'd be drinking didn't know that it be this much
  Alcohol has become my best friend. Since that day, I’ve drank and drank. Good lord I even take it to work in a water bottle.
  Never in my life did I think I’d be this fucked up over someone. Especially someone like
:iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 0 0
Mario Story Character Intro: Shads by LittleRedRidingNerd Mario Story Character Intro: Shads :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 1 0 Shads The Cat by LittleRedRidingNerd Shads The Cat :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 2 20 Princess Rosalina by LittleRedRidingNerd Princess Rosalina :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 2 0 Ambrose! by LittleRedRidingNerd Ambrose! :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 2 2 When Squad Looks Hot by LittleRedRidingNerd When Squad Looks Hot :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 3 8 Shads as Princess Belle by LittleRedRidingNerd Shads as Princess Belle :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 2 3 Cinni as The Mad Hatter by LittleRedRidingNerd Cinni as The Mad Hatter :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 8 4 Cinni- Age 15-25 by LittleRedRidingNerd Cinni- Age 15-25 :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 1 16 Soccer Girls Shads and Oprah by LittleRedRidingNerd Soccer Girls Shads and Oprah :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 1 6 Cuddles~ by LittleRedRidingNerd Cuddles~ :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 1 2 Don't You Worry Child~ by LittleRedRidingNerd Don't You Worry Child~ :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 0 2 Cheerleaders Bell and Cuddles! by LittleRedRidingNerd Cheerleaders Bell and Cuddles! :iconlittleredridingnerd:LittleRedRidingNerd 3 0


+ Pkmn Cocktail + Leafeon + by AngeKrystaleen + Pkmn Cocktail + Leafeon + :iconangekrystaleen:AngeKrystaleen 441 76 Girls Frontline - UMP 9 and 45 by IKHC Girls Frontline - UMP 9 and 45 :iconikhc:IKHC 28 3 Sporty Daisy Painting  by SaladTurtles Sporty Daisy Painting :iconsaladturtles:SaladTurtles 81 2
behind the mask | draco malfoy
The Slytherin house had a prince, Draco Malfoy – a pure blood, with the features of an angel, yet had the attitude of a demon. But of course, he owned the title, saying it was rightfully so – and nobody objected, for the fear of facing him (or his father) was too great. On the exterior, he was confident, too confident, arrogant, brash, and manipulative. After all, he was a Malfoy.
But then again, what’s a prince, without a princess?
The Slytherin Monarchy, as the students of the other houses would call it, had but one persona in it – Malfoy – and nobody really minded, or cared to prove the status quo wrong. But female after female would trample on each other to claim the title of the Slytherin Princess. Although it was a stupid title, that wasn’t the main goal.
It was to the one fitting for Draco.
Pansy Parkinson had been one to lead the chase, having to shoot down the ambition of any girl with a withering glare and her venom-laced words. She was a v
:iconbridzyeeet:Bridzyeeet 7 1
pick up lines | draco malfoy
Draco Malfoy was attractive. It was but common knowledge that he was, with his porcelain skin, and ghostly white hair that was similar to a halo when the light shone on it. And his eyes – oh, dear, those eyes of grey-blue, who seemed to break down your walls and read through your deepest, darkest secrets, yet hide his own.
He was attractive, rich, the heir to a respected pureblood family – yet he seemed vicious and cruel, everything that came out of his mouth either a taunt, an insult, or the occasional threat along the lines of “my father will hear about this!”
With that, he could have anyone he wanted, for he had already a line of females (maybe some males?) that would do anything to have him spare them a second glance.  One could infer that he was smooth on how to make a girl swoon, as to how he fires back witty insults of his own.
But when he’s faced with a certain Gryffindor, he was tongue-tied and could barely utter a word.
He looked at her as s
:iconbridzyeeet:Bridzyeeet 5 0
we're a mess | draco malfoy
Originally posted by daisiesanddraco
Draco Malfoy was a lot of things. A pureblood, the successor of Lucius Malfoy, a foul-mouthed jerk who was spoiled rotten since childhood – he was all that, but come sixth year, it was evident that he was not himself anymore.
Of course, the snide comments and sharp looks he gave Granger, Potter and Weasley were still there, yet were not given as often as before, and his once healthy figure had slumped into one of a physically – an emotionally – tired boy. Everyone else dismissed the matter, knowing that if they dared cross him, they would be facing the wrath of not only one Malfoy, but the perhaps as well as their Potions professor, who seemed to favor him greatly.
He kept up his cold-hearted façade, and everyone had believed. Well, not everyone.
He looked up
:iconbridzyeeet:Bridzyeeet 7 0
Beep beep I'm a sheep by bleedman Beep beep I'm a sheep :iconbleedman:bleedman 750 84 Gucci Coochi by TheDayIsSaved Gucci Coochi :iconthedayissaved:TheDayIsSaved 44 2 How to get rid of your fans. by MisterZei How to get rid of your fans. :iconmisterzei:MisterZei 383 25 People change! by MisterZei People change! :iconmisterzei:MisterZei 357 21
Chasing Red-Violet (Prussia X Reader)[Soulmate AU]
  In his dark room lit by a dim lamp, a frustrated Prussia furiously wrote onto his journal. His handwriting got messier and messier by the minute. As he sat at his desk, he spewed out any words that scrambled in his mind onto each page:
Dear diary,
  These past few days have been horrible! I can’t explain how much agonizing pain I’ve been through! Oh, where to start?
  Oh yes! My little brother, West! He’s been the main pest of this whole “soulmates with the same colored eyes” epidemic! I mean, I love my little brother, but he’s been out of it lately. He’s been humming obnoxiously cheerful tunes, smiling every time I greet him. All of that sternness and seriousness was whipped out of him! His new girlfriend with the same blue eyes he has really made him happy and all, but I feel like she had hypnotized him to be this way. He’s a whole new person altogether! It’s not the same Germany I used to
:iconfurrygirlsylvy45:FurryGirlSylvy45 7 4
She's My Bestfriend!!! by ESuyazuo She's My Bestfriend!!! :iconesuyazuo:ESuyazuo 1 4
Soul x Reader: Shut Your Whore Mouth
                        "Shut your whore mouth Black★Star!" You growled at him as you clenched your fists, "And give me back my notebook!"
                        "I don't think I will," He answered with that loud obnoxious laugh of his, "There's a lot of secret stuff in here I think Soul should know about!"
                        Your face was already red due to the public embarrassment of Black★Star waving your "personal" journal around like a flag, but author-chan will be damned if your face didn't get redder. Scowling up at your "evil-twin" brother you took off one of your flats and whipped it straight at his big fat head. But because Black★Star was a freaking assassin he dodged it with a simple step out of the way.
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 451 74
Soul Eater Evans x Reader - Cramps
This one is specifically for female readers. Sorry boys...
       "Ssooouuuulll." You were laying in bed. "Sooouuulll." You kept calling your boyfriend. He poked his head into your room.
       "What?" His face wore a slight scowl since you pulled him away form his video games.
       "Can you get me some stuff from the store?" Your own face wore a pout.
       "And why can't you go?" He said this, but was already slipping his shoes and jacket on.
       "Because. I'm cramping." He nodded, understanding. The first time you had your period while the two of you were dating, you explained the pain in terms he could relate to.
       "Got it. I'll be right back, babe." He kissed your forehead before leaving.
- - - - - - -
       When he got back, you were (reading a book/watching Netflix). He came in with two bags. One of them he tossed to you, the oth
:iconmelynie:Melynie 89 13
Bad Enough For You (SoulXReader//Songfic)
(Warning for language my beautiful reader-chan)
Soul struggled to open the front door, his hands full with bags of takeout food.  Using his shoulder, he pushed his way in and stumbled over to the kitchen, setting the food on the counter in relief.  He tiredly turned and walked to Maka’s room to tell her and the friends she had over that he’d gotten dinner.  Soul froze with his fist inches from the door, prepared to knock.  He could hear muffled talk and laughter on the other side of the door.  Intrigued to hear what they were talking about, he lowered his hand and leaned in close to the door, straining to make out their words.
“HAHAHAH AWWWW TSUBAKI!!” He heard Patty squeal, while he heard other muffled voices saying things like “Well we all knew THAT”, and “Ugh you guys are so cute!”
“Okay guys,” Soul heard his meister say as Maka tried to bring all of the girl’s attention towards her.  Fin
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 51 15
Soul Eater Evans x Reader - Drawings
    You trudged through the halls of the DWMA in your favourite pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a graphic tee. You had your head buried in your sketchbook, doodling a picture of a fox. It was only your first day and already people were making fun of you. Your mother had been a witch, so you had some magical power in you as well. However, the only thing you could do (that you could figure out, anyway) was turn into your animal – a fox. The kids at school bullied you about it, calling you evil and a dirty animal. You weren't, obviously, if Lord Death had let you attend here. Your soul was purple-ish blue with fox ears etched on it. It was because of your father that you had a blue human soul with a purple tint. He had been practically a saint, which overrode the so-called “evil” genes of the witch mostly. You still had witch in you, of course, it would've been impossible to completely drive it out. And yet, the kids still hated you.
    “So immature,” you m
:iconkatniss-hp-twilight:Katniss-HP-Twilight 739 307





Le Return~ REDRAWN
Ah yes. New styles all around lol


Daisy and Anna (c) Themselves
Shads (c) LittleRedRidingNerd
Art (c) LittleRedRidingNerd
Shads and Shiro REDRAW
So as you can see I changed Shiros shirt color from red to black. And my chara just has a completely new look.
Hope you enjoy enjoy!


Shads and Shiro (c) LittleRedRidingNerd
Art (c) LittleRedRidingNerd
So my husband and I got Gabriel a kitten (those that didn’t know, my sons name is Gabriel). Her name is Onyx, after the Pokémon.
I’m probably gonna make her a character. She’s gonna be Rugers niece.
And there’s probably gonna be a few other new characters
But anywho. That’s it.
  • Listening to: Mine-Bazzi
Back to back REDRAWN
Scar actually has a different hair color for once lol
Anyways I think this ones better than the original
More redraws coming your way ;)

ORIGINAL: littleredridingnerd.deviantart…

Shads and Scar (c) LittleRedRidingNerd
Art (c) LittleRedRidingNerd
I’m redrawing some old art just so I can get back into the feel of drawing again
I haven’t drawn in a while so I’m a little rusty
So expect to see some soon :D
  • Listening to: Psycho- Post Malone
So my husband and I got Gabriel a kitten (those that didn’t know, my sons name is Gabriel). Her name is Onyx, after the Pokémon.
I’m probably gonna make her a character. She’s gonna be Rugers niece.
And there’s probably gonna be a few other new characters
But anywho. That’s it.
  • Listening to: Mine-Bazzi


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Shadsay "Shads" Marie
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United States
Shads Marie|20|Married|Mommy to a baby boy|:heart:

Hey there! I am Shads!
Originally :iconshadstheninjakitty: !
I needed a fresh start sooo yeah!
My bestest friend is :icone-eimi:
My sis is :iconkalaniamist:

I loveeee Harry Potter and a bunch of other stuff XD
I'm really into anime, cartoons, and video games
Expect to see a lot of Fan art and original art!
I take requests and commissions sooo yeah!
That's it!

My birthday badge

I love superheroes and villians just so much!
Which ones are my favorites? I'll show you!!

Plus I love CreepyPasta as well lulz

Did I mention I love Slytherin?

Some fictional loves cause why not?

Now some bands/artists



Art or Story Commissions!
I am selling commissions!!
I will draw whatever you want
art porn
or anything like that!
But anything else I will draw!
:) :)


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