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Malayan Flying Fox 2 - closeup

Malayan Flying Fox
(Pteropus vampyrus)
Also known as the Common Flying Fox

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Pteropodidae

THIS one is a She - Her name is Camilla.

* In reality a bat, the Malayan flying fox has a wingspan up to 79 inches in length and weighs 53 ounces.


* The Malayan flying fox is the largest bat in the world.

* It is called the "flying fox" because its face resembles that of a fox.

* As it does not hunt moving prey, the flying fox doesn't rely on echolocation to find its way around.

* Some cultures believe the species' meat contains curative properties for asthma.

* A group of 40 bats can disperse 150,000,000 seeds around the entire rain forest in one year.

* The flying fox opens and stretches its mouth in a yawn before going to sleep.

* Large numbers of flying foxes are called "camps."

* The Malayan flying fox cannot generate vitamin C (a limitation shared by humans and guinea pigs), thus it must get its supply from the fruit in its diet.

* An awkward landing in a camp's tree during feeding often result in fights among flying foxes and may cause an entire bat-laden tree to become highly agitated, full of fighting and screaming.


photographed at The Maryland Science Center in Baltimore at a presentation by Rob Miles from the Organization for Bat Conservationseen regularly on NBC's Today Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Live with Regis and Kelly, television nature programs such as National Geographic and feature length films.
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