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Black Cherry

From underneath my burning
he brought me something dark
that it could stain my lips
that it should pale my heart

And there between his fingers
my flesh was firm and white
and i, his plump black cherry
bled sweetly into night :heart:
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Streong contrasts - I always fell for that...
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amazing photo. shes so beautiful it makes me want to cry.
I love the lighting.
warm and powerful, xpecially with the words . . .
boo-fucking-hoo's avatar
wow. so u are so beautiful u almost me me cry.
thanx for teh emotions
littleredelf's avatar
awww thank you :blushes:
that would be me in the photo . . .
thank you for your VERY flattering comment :hug:
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My three favorite colors, this is aweosme, really dig the contrast and enveloping shadows, specificially the shadows creeping up the hair...
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What a cute picture :)
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The white parts of your eyes are unusually white.
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it's from the drug abstinence
no - the Visine.
no . . . the ethereal glow.

it's a filter.
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beautiful, red. love the new color. fits with fall/winter quite nicely. sorry i havent been around much. i misses ya :)
littleredelf's avatar
s'ok love . . . :hug:
i did have some chocolate
put into the red mix.
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Have you let your hair go slightly darker at the front? I like the effect of this shot. As already said my many, the lighting is just fantastic. Amazing what you can do with a small bulb, eh? Improvisation is great.
littleredelf's avatar
you're the ONLY one who has nticed :clap:
i had chocolate lowlights put up front
and a darker shade of red this time.
i love the happy accidents from unlikely tools.
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B :clap: E :clap: A :clap: U :clap: T :clap: I :clap: F :clap: U :clap: L

:bomb: BBB :bomb:
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this should have went into the poetry section ;) to me the description is just that good - yet the look on the face(expression) is priceless with what you know... its perfectly posed and the redness of the hair/light adds dramatic feelings and gives u a sense of danger/suprise/passion maybe... both the words and image compliments this SO WELL... excellent job :D
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this is amazing wow!
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I really enjoy the lighting and the compaision of this shot.
Well done.
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fabulous colors my dear !
and this expression... I read what you meant with you eyes... ;) it's a perfect expression, you captured the essential...
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a very well done self portait.
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You have the most beautiful hair. :D
I LOVE the lighting.. it looks like you're coming out of the darkness. Very expressive. I love your facial expression too. It's very innocent and mysterious.
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