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tfw jeff by LittlePipCosplay tfw jeff :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 3 2 dolphi costest!!! by LittlePipCosplay dolphi costest!!! :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 0 0 Swing, Girl. by LittlePipCosplay Swing, Girl. :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 1 0 The Red Hero by LittlePipCosplay The Red Hero :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 3 0 Ayano Tateyama by LittlePipCosplay Ayano Tateyama :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 2 0 Madoka Kaname 2 by LittlePipCosplay Madoka Kaname 2 :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 1 0 Madoka Kaname by LittlePipCosplay Madoka Kaname :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 4 2
Outer Science English Translyrics
Living a tragedy and fall to the ground here
The dead, are they knock, knock, knocking, knocking again?
Try feigning ignorance until you've gone stale;
“Such an unpleasant tale."
Split open bodies, but don't you try to save me;
Your heart, it decays, and now it's gone from your reach
Feeling the pleasure, and they leisurely die,
I'm hungry for those eyes.
Hey, you prayed like everybody had done,
But did you really send a glare under the sun?
A bleeding tragedy before me;
A N D  I ' M  S T A R V I N G !
Welcome! Welcome to my womb!
For love and ego; there's no room
And if you happen to die, you'll be reborn; that's no lie
It's just a grand little thing! You're now a monster, no disguising;
Cry, cry again, "But oh, God, why?"
"I'm sick of all this; 'living life!'"
Just accept it's your fate, and hey, it is pretty great;
Come on now, come on now, come on now, try harder, Master is here!
Fate, living, dreaming, pieces scattered around,
Of the love you once had before it cam
:iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 1 0
Liar's World English Translyrics
Long ago, a story was told, about songs and small, sleeping girl
But the joy that she found was never really there no matter how she tried each day...
Hiding each ugly quality, setting out pretty ones for display,
And yet words that are spread always do seem to be black-as-night in every way.
"All the same"'s not what I would say; "similar" isn't as far away,
But we still can't seem to understand each other.
Can you not see that every step leads us farther from truth?
And every day that may pass there's a smile upon your face.
And since that "truth" will never, ever, ever, reach my hand
I have to wound you with all of these petty lies in this world.
We all know that demons only spread lies, and angels only speak of the truth.
However, humans can and they will speak of lies and of truth, so we're troublesome.
We find out too many things that we just don't need to know,
And later we regret finding out these things, these things
Replaced by lies and things that make up this "reali
:iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 0 0
Mary Kozakura *Headshot* by LittlePipCosplay Mary Kozakura *Headshot* :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 0 0
Toumei Answer English Translyrics
As I live in these hazy days, where things are all the same.
I sit alone, just waiting for something more to happen.
"Well, what are you waiting for?"
Is it now quizzing me?
Speaking again, the book is asking for an answer.
Why do you ask about my grades?
You know I do okay.
Not a surprise that I can answer all the questions.
But you're smiling so out of place
A stupid, grinning face.
Taking a seat, although you hold closely such a bad grade.
Beyond the windowpane, nothing's going to change,
'Cause nothing ever happens in this world and day and age.
"If that's what you believe, you'll never have much fun!"
Back in those days, why were you always glad?
Now my heart wants to
Disappear from here, and from this day; so go away!
After all, absolutely no one really wants me to remain.
With an overwhelming sense of hopelessness I hear the tone again
It's ringing out; "You're such a callous fool!"
If only a clear answer comes to me, and puts an end to all these doubts,
Then I wouldn't h
:iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 2 0
Daze English Translyrics
Concrete wavers up and down,
Rising up with the heat, though awake, we can't stop dreaming
Trace templates and follow 'round
And around us, the days flicker by
High tempo for attendance
Not enough, go again, and the future begins
Now our final day has come
But we all start to cry even so...
Now, now, close your scarlet eyes,
We're together still
Without you, I'd be lost again
"If the future comes and goes again,
Maybe I'll just surrender."
Now, go on and clap your hands
Count the zeroes and
Maybe today, the things we don't understand
Will all be revealed
Hey, are you still there...lost in the haze?
Let's "play"
I'll scream and shout until you say
Let's "save"
We'll struggle every single day
Even though your hand has gone it's way
I will not forget your warmth that day
Let's "daze"
Our hearts and feelings never fade
Let's "change"
The lonely tears without a face
If you're crying too
We'll begin anew
Try to remember everything you had to say
"Encore!" As it echoes out,
'Round and 'round,
:iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 1 0
Just a Cowardly Montblanc by LittlePipCosplay Just a Cowardly Montblanc :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 2 0
Melancholy of the Literary Boy English Translyrics
"I need to go now," I say to myself, and run far away
All by myself, is this really what I want?
My school and all of my friends as well, my part-time, too
Most everything--no, all of it, is being thrown away
Beginning at the familiar station, a flock of people
Just within, a young girl has lost her wallet and is crying away
The evening train immediately slides into it's place
People fill the empty seats and mutter impatiently
All of a sudden, everything is floating into space
As I mingle with unfeeling people all around me
And then someone calls my name, they call my name, I hear it loud
And just then, I'm struck with sadness, but I can't understand why
Flying even farther than the train had been supposed to go
Toying with an abstract place, an empty space; it runs in time
And that too, in itself, is a word.
My favorite author; I see that you read his stories as well;
Even though, long ago, he had decided maybe it'd be better to die.
And I can quote him: "In my lifetime, I've met coun
:iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 0 0
Shinigami Record English Translyrics
All the lives of people and the reason one exists
That was on the mind of a lonely monster.
"Humans will die before they can hardly live."
Why was that the thing I must ponder?
Once upon a time there lived a young, brave boy
He fell in love with the lonely monster.
“We’ll spend our years together in joy.”
Their hands they would hold warmly together.
Never forgetting the start of every day,
Soon, the monster found that she was to bear a child.
"You will age, but we'll both remain the same."
At the thought of that, I could not smile.
Harnessing in my hand the power of the snake
I could hardly care less if they were to disappear
For you, a never-ending world is what I'll make
With our family, let's part from here.
Now I wait at the front door.
Why is it that you never ever came?
Counting all the clouds I had once come to adore,
Somewhere in this sky is a lonely, lonely place.
Somehow in the middle of these days, I came to see
That you were never coming back for me.
:iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 1 0
Jeff Andonuts Costest by LittlePipCosplay Jeff Andonuts Costest :iconlittlepipcosplay:LittlePipCosplay 14 2


Paula Polestar (Earthbound) by Skellytune Paula Polestar (Earthbound) :iconskellytune:Skellytune 135 3 Mabel Fun Time Sticker by Elixirmy Mabel Fun Time Sticker :iconelixirmy:Elixirmy 424 5 Earthbound - Let's fight! by StellarGirlLucy Earthbound - Let's fight! :iconstellargirllucy:StellarGirlLucy 1 1 MMD Download: Classic Pines Twins by Mr-Finnyeh MMD Download: Classic Pines Twins :iconmr-finnyeh:Mr-Finnyeh 426 40 Shimakazes by Yuupix Shimakazes :iconyuupix:Yuupix 107 9 Half-Genie hero of time by LinkerLuis Half-Genie hero of time :iconlinkerluis:LinkerLuis 594 152 Shantae by Lady-of-Link Shantae :iconlady-of-link:Lady-of-Link 173 49 C: Shantae Tan Line Princess by StaleMeat C: Shantae Tan Line Princess :iconstalemeat:StaleMeat 431 23 {FA} Shantae Sleep by StaleMeat {FA} Shantae Sleep :iconstalemeat:StaleMeat 561 38 Comm: CFood by OmegaSunBurst Comm: CFood :iconomegasunburst:OmegaSunBurst 217 14 Shantae by MeiOrihime Shantae :iconmeiorihime:MeiOrihime 434 10 Shantae Half Genie. by JamoART Shantae Half Genie. :iconjamoart:JamoART 249 11 Shantae Squids by LinkerLuis Shantae Squids :iconlinkerluis:LinkerLuis 1,002 145 Genuine Half-Genie by AgentDajo Genuine Half-Genie :iconagentdajo:AgentDajo 340 13 AT: Blow me a kiss! by UltimateSketchQueen AT: Blow me a kiss! :iconultimatesketchqueen:UltimateSketchQueen 348 20


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United States
pippin | cancer | fickin | 15 | he/him or they/them

hey baes whats up!!! the names pippin!!! most ppl call me pip!!! im a lolita and cosplayer from michigan!! i cry a lot!!!

i cosplay from: MOTHER/earthbound, watgbs, svtfoe, gravity falls, su, shantae, kagepro, pmmm, off, fe, love live!, znt, tokyo ghoul, fnaf, until dawn, danganronpa, the book of life, kancolle, pokemon, paswg, otgw, vocaloid, sth, higurashi no naku koro ni, swwtrh, ib, the mirror lied, and lots more!!!

sometimes i draw but i never post it rlly bc im self conscious abt it. lol sorry

upcoming conventions:
youmacon 2015 (jeff andonuts, paula polestar, grunkle stan, sal, synchronity gumi, possible secret cosplay)
shutocon 2016 (luvoratorrrrry!gumi, star butterfly, DJ AU lucas, lisa mishima)
colossalcon 2016 (???)



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