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Starting 2016 off with an Egyptian creation goddess! ♡
Nun (Nu), or Nunet as the female aspect, meaning “abyss” and represents the primordial waters.
The Ancient Egyptian creation myth accounts for the first mass of land coming forth from the chaotic waters of Nun.
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Beautiful Depiction of nunet
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Beautifully crafted
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Love the way you've melded art deco and egyptian style. Unique and brilliant. Great work.
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Do you know Erte? I could see an inspiration from that artist in your work.
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Omgosh, I didn't! He is amazing, I'm so glad you mentioned him! :D
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You both use bold geometric shapes to portray extremely graceful and classy women. If you weren't inspired by him directly, I imagine you were influenced by the Art Deco movement that he was a part of. I'm happy to have introduced you to a new artist to study. :)
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Beautiful fluidity :) I love the elegance of this piece :clap:
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Nice works! It's simple and I love those colours!
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Gorgeous work! I love the style and colors, and the elegant fluid lines!
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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You're most wellcome! Looking foward to see more of your amazing work! ^^
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