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Roguez's Ermine

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Roguez's ermine,
Again with the camera issues, this lil girl got her paint but no pics yet of her finished
This was just before she was finished up
I had gotten these eyes and just love em :)

:star: Taxidermy piece :star:
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KODAK EASYSHARE M340 Digital Camera
Shutter Speed
1/60 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Mar 23, 2010, 8:06:18 PM
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SurrexisHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Is this a softmunt?
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YukiChanaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Still for sale?
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Where did you get the eyes?
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Ghostly-VixenProfessional Digital Artist
Do you mind if I ask where you found a mountable ermine? I don't think I've ever found any with feet before. Beautiful mount.
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Where do you get the form for the head....*sigh* you make it with clay don't you. I want to make a ermine soft mount but, I suck with clay/carving/woodworking. Please help.
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Awww! One question? What is taxidermy?
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AtrieisanHobbyist General Artist
Random answer from random user. (Cause I feel like it. :) )

Taxidermy comes from the terms "taxi", movement, and "derma", skin. In otherwords it's the taking of the dried, tanned skin of an animal and recreating the lifelike entity it once held. Fascinating isn't it?
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Ashora123Student Traditional Artist
Dawwww, lil ermine is soooo cute XD I love weasels!
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Kudos for the ermine. They are hard because they are so small...I got frustrated with mine LOL. Looks cute though...what did you use for the eyes?
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Thank you. I had messed up my first one but got better lol
The eyes are medium sized glass black beads. They are opaque and fit just right with the ref pics id been lookin at
and yeah smaller is not always easier. This lil thing was around eight inches long
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Smaller is more difficult and tedious, I think. And yeah, I had to use beads for my ermines as well cause I could never find a glass eye small enough...too bad they dont come that small.
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TheRoguez General Artist

I'm so excited to get it! that face is just adorable :heart:
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ElieaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
so cute! I love the face! And I see why you love those eyes. :)
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PeedexYoaProfessional Digital Artist
For a taxidermy this looks very good, I first thought it would be alive!
A ver nice looking ermine, very good work!
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Awwwww that's so cute! So just curious, is that body just stuffed?? 'Cause I have a Hawaiian mongoose that's stuffed, and I know I could NEVER get him to pose like that! lol
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Yes its just stuffed
This I very easy to pose, just have to hold back of head or neck
Maybe your hawaiin was a wet tan, this was but I softened it up alot
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Huh, well that's pretty cool. And yeah, I think he might be a wet tan...doesn't like to pose and has a slight smell. This guy's so cute though!
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omg this thing is so adorable!
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wow! this is amazing. you really did a great job. very realistic.
the eyes look a little too bulgy and the nose looks a little off but im sure thats just the hide.
i hope to see more small animals because this is really awesome especially if you hand carved the heads yourself.
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KumlayHobbyist Digital Artist
I so want one now!! How hard is it to find a full ermine pelt like that?
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It took a while but I can get em ;)
I'm also working on tanning my raw hides so I'll be able to purchase raw ermines (easier to get)
This mount cost about $70 but the price varies with the skins cost.
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KumlayHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm... I may have to save up and get one now. That's a really good price. -plots-

oh and I just found this! Don't know if it'll be any help to you.. but -shrug- [link]
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How much would a piece like this cost?
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Ermines vary in price according to skin cost
The mounting fee is $50 plus skin cost and shipping
So these cute buggers are pretty cheap
I've done a few of em and hand carve each head
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