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Just a Matter of Jealousy

By LittleNinni


Before Rowling starts writing about Ron and Hermione's relationship, I like Harry and Hermione together. I like them even now. This is the reason why I love the dance scene in the movie XD. Anyway, I have nothing against Hermione and Ron's story. I think they are cute together.
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Always the jealous one, Ron Weasley is :|
Can't he just stop and think for his friends instead of wallowing in his selfish thought?
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turns out the director and most of the screen wrighters are harmony shippers but JK Rowling put her foot down
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Love the drawing! :)
Warning: :blahblah: upcoming
I don't know - I think Ron and Hermione work better as friends personally. :/ To me, their story isn't romantic, it's sad - it's a girl, an amazing wonderful girl who had such high hopes and dreams for herself, settling for a guy who rarely praises her, and doesn't treat her with the absolute respect she commands and deserves; not only that, but in the end her hopes and her dreams are gone, and she's been delegated to being a housewife. Maybe they do love each other - but to me it seems convoluted and somewhat petty. Hermione settled for Ron because she knew he was attracted to her, and she's insecure, so she didn't know whether or not she could have gotten anyone better, so she went the safe route and chose someone she knew would stay with her because he was brought up with family values and wouldn't leave her or cheat on her because his parents raised him better than that.
Anyway, that's just my opinion. Aruge with me (but please for the love of God in heaven use logic and not scream and rant and rave at me - I cannot stand such shallow people), because I love a good debate. :bonk:
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I totally agree. I think they care about each other, but they are simply not right for each other. r?hr , they bring out the worst in each other in my opinion. They are willing to hurt each other, both physically and emotionally. all the bickering and fighting are immature and annoying enough, but the deeper problem is that Ron would be overshadowed with someone like Hermione, particularly with his inherent inferiority complex! What's more, if many attribute Ron's jealousy to his feelings for Hermione, I see it as indication of serious lack of trust, not to mention jealousy is real ugly and petty as you mentioned! Ron admires Hermione's brilliance, but his insecurity would augment, and both of them would most likely to suffer! Hermione's not confident about her appearance and stuffs. and Ron, I think he 's attracted to Hermione for she's smart and bossy and cute when she angry..I am not convinced they have any deeper connection than that! They would definitely not survive a life-long marital commitment!
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Well, I always liked Hermione with Harry and even when Rowling decided to put Hermione and Ron together I secreatly disliked them. In spite of everything I think they are cute, at least tolerable. Your opinion is interesting and I think it's a perfect way to see their relashionship. Reading again my words, I think a lot of people can easly misunderstand what I wanted to say. I am not a big fan of H/R as it seems.
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I'm a rabid Harmony shipper, in all honesty, but I accept Romione because it's canon. I've been having such lovely "conversations" with Romione shippers (it's really more like me sitting there while people try to caps lock me to death); for some strange reason whenever I say 'I accept Hermione's desicion to have chosen Ron, but I would rather she had chosen Harry' people freak out and fly off the handle at me. I personally think it's because they're threatened by Harmony because Harmony was more compatible than Romione, but what do I know? Romione shippers, at least the ones I've spoken to, seem to me to be just as immature as the Kataang shippers from the Zutara/Kataang wars. I don't hate Romione - I hate the people who argue its non-existent points, because clearly they're so blind that they don't realize how badly paired the two really are. People who love each other don't constantly belittle and/or make the other cry all the time, and not feel bad about it later. And I'm babbling, so I'll shut up now.
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I love debate too, and I am also a proud Harmony lover. I think Harmony is the epitome of beauty, in terms of both friendship and romance! For that reason, I cannot bring myself to accept anything other than Harmony! I don't care what canon or Rowling said! I do believe Rowling turned to ship Harmony along the way, but she 's reluctant to change her original plan, but she had serious doubts about canon pairings, that 's why they turned out a big mess, while Harmony gets so many profound, intense moments!
True, canon fans can be real rude ( believe me, I underwent quite a few sorts of canon ill-treatment) but they rarely have logical reasoning except for verbal assault and outdated cover of Rowling and canon! so I'm not impressed at all. Admit it, canon or not, everyone envies the type of relationship Harry&Hermione has!
and I am so glad that Harmony shippers all act polite and decent. and I love debate too, since I know Harmony rules, always. Harmony is supported by canon and I would repeat thousands times if I have to, because they are! Harry&Hermione "is declared to be bonded for life" Hermione turned and beamed at Harry! It's been Harry all along, and same with Harry,who has Hermione as one single constant in his life!
Great to meet another astute Harmony lover, dear friend, Randompersoninurbush
I can totally understand most of you. I mean just personally wise Harmony makes more sense they understand and care deeply for another and i am not even a fan of that pairing i prefer H/Hr as  sibling like friendship but i like it rather than R/Hr.... Maybe because i do not like Ron very much . Ah i remember J.Ks interview about killing Ron and Mione would end up with Fred that sounded soo nice.. Don't get me wrong i think Ron is a funny dude but i think he would be better off with Lavender or someone like that (Pansy would be perfect if they would get the house shit out of the way xD) because i just feel that in the relationship with Mione , Hermione would have constantly have to put up with Ronald, with his jealousy, quidditch, rants about Slytherins, his eating habits. And i do not see that they have anything in common. I mean i am all for opposites attract but if you do not have anything in common it looks kinda bad. Hermione  is a strong independent witch who should do great things... of course she isn't perfect she too has nasty habits. Viktor wouldn't have been bad for her he saw her beauty when nobody else did... aww such a sweetie. My fav would be Dramione but that is just fan based..... I wouldn't have been angry if Hermione had found some totally different.
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I like them just as friends. Ron and Herm are my favourite couple ever!
Your drawing style is sweet, but I really hate non-canon pairings. Anyway, I like it just because Ron is on the last panel, he's my fave character and because I love HP <33 :D And because you have talent! ;)
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X) cuuute powaaa
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Your Harry and Hermione and sweet and oh dear! Ron's face! :XD:
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hahaha xD
I love when Ron's jealous, I don't know why :meow:
Great job drawing the expressions XD
And you did an awesome job with the color!

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Aww, thanks! Glad you like it! :bow:
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I love your impression of Angry!Ron. It gives me a giggle. I think I want to write a fanfic about Angry!Ron being jealous of Harry and Hermione.
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I would like to read it when you do it. XD Anyway, thanks! :meow:
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No problem. Hopefully life will become less busy so that I can put something down on paper.
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last panel made me giggle so hard, ron looks annoyed to say the least ^^
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ron in the last panel cracks me up:)
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Your comics are soo cute and welldone but i am sill a totally RON*HERMIONE fan
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