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Anatomical Heart by littlenikita Anatomical Heart :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 4 2 Human Heart (making) by littlenikita Human Heart (making) :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 4 0
For Love
For love; we cry,
For love; we worry,
For love; we sacrifice,
All the things undoubtedly.
For love; we cheer,
For love; we fear,
For love; we endure,
All the things sincerely.
For love; we smile,
For love; we'd walk miles,
For love; we agree,
To change our life style instantly.
For love; we change,
For love; we act so strange,
For love; we permit,
To be ours abruptly.
For love; we are selfish,
For love; we become greedy,
For love; we happily accept,
Defeat, sorrow and grief.
:iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 39 10
Diwali by littlenikita Diwali :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 1 2
Dear You
Dear Tears,
I have a confession. You are some salty living creatures made from the natural bodies of humans. You have the capability to illustrate the strong, dignified and dynamic nature of one's mental state. You are mankind's frienemy. We hate you and yet we love you; such a condescending relationship we share with each other, don't we?
Joy, love and empathy,
Happiness, pride and sympathy,
You come in different flavors.
Loneliness, heartbreak and depression,
Freedom, irritation and frustration,
You have your favorites.
A confusing mystery,
A challenging soul,
You are a puzzle;
But so important
Your presence makes a difference and yet your absence even more,
Without you, one's heart is a bore.
:iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 15 6
She by littlenikita She :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 1 0 The Electricolorated Eye by littlenikita The Electricolorated Eye :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 0 2 Sunset by littlenikita Sunset :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 0 0 The Golden Mermaid by littlenikita The Golden Mermaid :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 0 4 Classic Colors of Beauty by littlenikita Classic Colors of Beauty :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 1 0 Curvy Nature by littlenikita Curvy Nature :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 0 2 Borders of Design by littlenikita Borders of Design :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 0 2 Contrasting Henna by littlenikita Contrasting Henna :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 0 0 Incomplete Lovestory by littlenikita Incomplete Lovestory :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 0 0
Dear ...
Dear You
Dear Words,
Thank You so much. You are an extraordinary friend who does an outstanding job in healing the wounds of every broken-pieced, depression-suffering and heart-lost teenager.
Angry? I curse using you.
Happy? I get high using you.
Fatigue? I whine using you.
Sad? I cry screaming you.
You make the best of me. You describe me at my worst, at my best. You bring out the lively emotions from my dead-looking, stinking-cold heart. You are able to twist, turn and portray the most powerful messages ever. Through poems, spoken words, and literature; you scream when tears have gone dry, you rise from the dead and stand up when injustice is served and you send such strong messages that it shakes the feet of mankind off the filthy-filled ground.
You are caring, gentle, kind and loving. Thank You for always being there and helping me never give up.
:iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 32 17
The Blues n Hues of Twilight by littlenikita The Blues n Hues of Twilight :iconlittlenikita:littlenikita 39 6
Hey Guys! ...Hope you guys are having a great time here! Thanks for le visite (:



It seems as if yesterday I was enjoying the perks of my high school winter break, contemplating what university to attend under what program and why. 

Today, I am contemplating and worrying about what tomorrow holds for me.

Life needs to slow down. I cannot seem to keep up with its pace and the road ahead now seems rather blurry. I am worried.

Where are you, Confidence?


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