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Instantly recognizable by his short stature and fondness for shiny helmets, this important figure is nonetheless overlooked by most historians, overshadowed by a famous empereur who coincidentally shared a similar name. Unlike the better-known leader Little Napoleon was by contrast an incompetent buffoon, although prone to similar dreams of grandeur. Students of strategy still learn from such spectacular failures as the Amphibious Invasion of Paraguay (aborted due to lack of coastline) and the Occupation of Boardwalk (cut short by exorbitant hotel prices). After the failed Spanish Campaign, where his nascent offensive was quashed by a stampede in an event he proclaimed the Battle of Pamplona, Little Napoleon finally retired from pursuing world conquest to become a frustrated full-time artist (an odd reverse of convention) in self-imposed exile in New Hampshire, USA.

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Here are some art projects I've contributed to where you can see more of my work! Completed TF Comic Project Links: POLYMORPH: ISSUE 1 --17 page TF comic collection by comictf / proxer / little napoleon (18+ only) TRANSFORMATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: ISSUE 1 --14 page Dragon TF comic, 10 high detail F/F & Solo images, 36 Unique Dragon-girls by w4tsup ( / little napoleon (18+ only) Completed Illustration Project Links: REACH FOR THE SKY --418 page novel with 29 original illustrations by vixyy fox / little napoleon In Process TF Projects: CHANGELING TALE --Full Length TF Visual Novel by little napoleon / little librarian / w4tsup ( (18+
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You make amazing art

do you know "My Lovely Wife" ? It's a visual novel about Jake, a grieving widower who was madly in love with his wife Luna. So madly that, when he receives a letter in her handwriting with instructions on how to resurrect her, he decides to go through with it at any cost. With the help of a mysterious man named Phillip, he learns how to summon demons from the underworld, who will help him harvest the essences he needs...and then be sacrificed in order to become vessels for Luna's soul.

The graphisms are beautiful and there are 42 different endings (21 good endings and 21 bad endings) , 20 unique succubus with their own personality and issues

Interesting concept for a game! Sounds dark, though D:

yeah it's not horror but the atmosphere is melancholic cause the protagonis is conflicted between killing the succubus to bring back to life his wife or spare them and start a new life with them

However it's far less dark than it's predecessor game "My Lovely Daughter"

Hey, just found another cool artwork of the Vetern Dragon on twitter, by Chadzime. It only make wanting to see their storyline more than ever. :)

Yeah, we're looking forward to starting that story line too! Should begin it around the end of the year!