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Wayward Vagabond Shimeji

My first (and probably only oh god this thing was a pain) shimeji of the Wayward Vagabond from homestuck.

Hope you like him! ...I have four of these guys and a Bec Noir running around my screen at the moment.

Windows .rar download: [link]
Alternate Windows .rar: [link]
Windows .zip download: [link]
Mac .zip download: [link]
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bEst charActEr my emerald 
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WhY tHe FuCk Im DoWnLoAdInG sO mAnY hOmEsTuCk ShImEjIn 
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Mayor is my fav shimeji
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Awwn he is so cute X3
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i looooooooove mayor <333
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The rar download isn't working, and the zip one I can't use
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Ack! Sorry for the late reply I've been away for the last few days.

Just the download or the actual file, I can reupload it elsewhere if it's just the file.
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the link itself, I try to click it and all it does is lead me back to this page.
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Okay! Try this link: [link]
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Oh my god he's adorable
and ill just *downloads him* *for the next three days does nothing but watch him*
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do you by any chance have a .rar downloadable?
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There's a download file link on the left-hand side of this page which should be a .rar. I'd completely forgotten it was there!

The link is [link] if you can't find it, deviantart is awfully cluttered.
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thank you so much! :D
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aaaaaawwwww he is so cute (:3
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My background is mostly it looks like he's floating XD
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Maybe I should add that to the description "Want a ghost version? Just change your background colour to black! Wooo spooky!"
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You should totally do that!
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I tried opening the .rar file, and it asked me for a password. D:
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im just saying if you dont have hte main account on oyur computer then maybe ur dad or mom or something set it to that you can't download anyhting wihtut typing int eh admin password
ask ur parents or somehting for a password that might be the case
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oops ignore that last link, this one's right! [link]
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