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INTP Princess

The INTP princesses: Alice

All princesses:…

All characters ©Disney
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I think these are brilliant! Not just the concept of pairing characters from a particular franchise to Myers Briggs personality types (which has been done many times) but the way you designed them.
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You are very welcome. Here have a congratulatory fish :iconfishplz:
I'm a INTJ and could see Alice as either an INTJ or and INTP. The important thing is that she is a female "NT" one of the first (maybe the only) one in among the Disney Princesses. And as a little girl she was the one I clinged to as most like me :)
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Definitely an NT ;)
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well this is awesome.
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Well, this explains my weird obsession with Alice in Wonderland.
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I'm an INTP. Gee I feel like speshul snowflaek -_- haha. I really like the art, though! How'd you get to make Elsa's hair look hand-drawn? Did you use photoshop, or did you draw the graphics yourself? They look great!
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Haha! Thank you! I drew it by hand but through a digital drawing program. I use Corel paint 12 :)
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