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My Bio
Born and raised in British Columbia (high school in Alberta), I have been living in the Kootenays for the last 7 years. In this time my artistic side has exploded! I have been so lucky to find jobs that I love and that let me be inspired; with my outward appearance and my 'night' life. My second biggest passion is cannabis and being the manager of a gigantic headshop was the perfect lead into receptionist/budtender at the local medical marijuana dispensary, "CannaClinic" - where you can view some of my 'on canvas' artwork! Painting and drawing was where my artists path started but it's certainly not where it has stopped: costume/jewelry making, crazy headpiece creation, modelling, hair design, make-up art, creative directing, dabbling into photography and burlesque!
I cannot wait to share all of my sparkling adventures with you all :heart:
As for myself, my 'life'...
Finances are always tough but I'm finally in a house with my four kitties, living paycheque to paycheque, but surviving. I'm at a job that I'm feeling really fulfilled in. I've had so many toxic people leave my life these last two years; horrible boss, bad relationship, and difficult family. But, all is at peace now in my home and I couldn't ask for more! My 'Pizzalord' a.k.a. "MEALS" has swept me off my feet and at the same time grounded me and given me strength to be stable in myself. LOVE myself...
I wish the same for you and all of yours :hug:

xoxo Ivy Strange
P.S. I have been absent here for a while (and stuck in a bit of a dark place) but now I'm back and you'll be seeing more of me! Nonetheless, check out my facebook page where I post new artworks, events and other fun sctuff about me WAY more often ^_^

Favourite Visual Artist
Jeremy Fish, Ameri-Linel(my sister), Ophelia Overdose, Don Hertzfeldt, LIMP, Tim Burton, Travis Haight Photography, FlexDreams, Camilla D'Errico, Miss Mischeif, and so many more <3
Favourite Movies
Anything and everything by Quentin Tarantino, Wild Hunt, The Last Unicorn, Fantastic Planet, The Yellow Submarine, Bambi, Anchorman (really anything with Will Ferrell in it), Bad Seed, Grandma's Boy...ect.
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones, OITNB, Death Parade, Next Top Model, Project Runway, Adventure Time, South Park, Attack on Titan, Rick and Morty, Golan the Insstiable, Friends, Always Sunny in Philedelphia... I watch too much TV
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Die Antwoord, Bob Dylan, Postmodern Jukebox, Diplo, Fleetwood Mac, Portugal the Man, MC Paul Barman, Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Shred Kelly, Sia, Nina Simone, Joe Cocker, The Doors, Florence and The Machine, Black Keys, Julie's Ruin, and any 80's
Favourite Books
The Beach, Initiatic Eroticism, The Abhorsen Trilogy, Stargirl & Love from Stargirl, The Alchemist, The Series of Unfortunate Events, Smoked Vol.1 & 2, Kid Eternity Comics and the Stoner Coffee Table Book
Favourite Writers
Edgar Allen Poe, Garth Nix, Laurell K. Hamilton, Jerry Spinelli, and Jacque Fresco
Favourite Games
Fallout 4, All Final Fantasy, Zelda (especially ocarina of time), Spyro the Dragon, GTA, Harvest Moon, Left 4 Dead, Mario ANYTHING, and Skyrim (also Oblivion), Fable, Dynasty Warriors, Soul Caliber, Primal Rage, and Katamari Damacy to name a few
Favourite Gaming Platform
Right now the Xbox ONE because I'm addicted to GTA5!!!
Tools of the Trade
these days... anything I can get my hands on, I can't decide what I want to stick to so I just do everything :D Pencil and paper probably right now though!
Other Interests
Jewellery crafting, burlesque, music making (singing), painting, drawing, photography, nature, hula hooping, tattoos, end of prohibition of cannabis, modelling, video games, watching lots of movies and tv, cooking and most of all... my kitty cats!
Who's ready for more!? ^_^
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For all of you still watching me - Thank Yous! I know I have been neglecting my DA region for a while now... I have so many new things to share with ya'll &lt;3 Life has changed so much in this last year: ever since coming back from my life changing journey in Thailand! I'll definitely be sharing some of my terrible photography from the trip! Spiders, tropical treats, and cool Phuket city life. Quitting my job, of almost 6 years, when I got back to Canada was quite the game changer as well - from headshop manager to farmers market clerk and bee specialist. After about 8 months of feeling out of place; I've regained a career in the cannabis i
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0 min read
Plus one more CAT! Life has been busy, busy, busy; I just added two more furry family members to the household! :heart: Two black girl 10 month old kitties that are sisters :P HA get it 'sisters' ...sorry Anyways, Like I said I've been so busy that I haven't been doing ANY of my internet stuffs lately. It seems like forever since I've posted anything so I hope you're all enjoying the swamp shoot that I just posted; there is more to come! I have at least 4 more photo shoot lined up for this spring; an artistic nude, some cosplaying, some 1920's themed glamour, and maybe even some bondage play! I am so excited... 'tis the year of the Hors
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Happy Birthday. I hope you have a very nice & lovely birthday today.:D:hug:
happy birthday!
Happy Birthday, Ivy. I hope you have a very nice and lovely birthday today.:D:hug:
have a great birthday miss Ivy!
happy birthday! 
:aww: i wish you a happy birthday :party: :cake: :party: :rose: :)
Happy Birthday. I hope you have a very nice and lovely birthday today.:D:hug: