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Adoptables and customs

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[CC] Flapjack's Reference Sheet

Creature Crossing and Animal Crossing stuff

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Minchi  Flat Sale  Flower Child


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[OPEN] Custom mini lions info and form

Hello! :) A few people asked if i was gonna offer some customized mini lions and i thought why not? I'm having a fun time with these floofs ^^ ~Current round~ Depending on how many i get i will upload batches of them in fours (will take around 2 days max) or eights (give or take around 3 days) These are going to be a "surprise" kind of custom. What i mean by this is that if you want one you can just link me a picture as reference/inspiration and i'll work something around it hopefully as close to your taste as possible! The difference from my regular custom and commission work is that i will not show you a "pre-sketch" for approval. You ca

Mini Lions

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[Elnin MYO exchange] The Sanctuary - [Closed!]

Latest Updates: :: The Sanctuary will be closed for a little longer- For those waiting to turn in elnins please note that we've been discussing some changes to the way things have worked. This feature was not meant to be an elnin mill, but rather an option for people to use when they had an elnin they didn't want and have had difficulty finding a suitable trade/swap for. It was meant to be a last step when trying to connect with your elnin, a final option after everything else hasn't worked out. It was not meant to be something you aimed for by trading for nins with desirable stats and then mulching them. We are still planning to make MYOs


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DTA Events (Closed!)

Hello Sheshies, and welcome to the DTA section! Here we will post all current DTA events and results! So if you're ever in need of information or what current DTAs are open, this is the place to go! Comment Etiquette: Positive energy only please! We don't want to see any negative, hateful or degrading comments directed to the winners or any of the entries. It's not very nice. ): Please no guilt tripping the winners or moderators. We try very hard to keep these events fair for everyone. If everyone could win a big prize, we would do so. But there will be many DTA's to come!If you don't quite think the way we run this event is fair, or


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Potats: A Guide

MASTERLIST BANK LORE RULES … What is a potat, you ask? Potats are a semi-open sentient species of Ganymede. They are neither dragon nor potato, but an odd combination of the two. Potats are able to be used in all aspects of the ARPG, the same way that a sheshika would be (with some exception in regards to potat-exclusive elements, and sheshika-exclusive elements). Potats were created by the Mother, sister to Andromeda and his equal in every way. Where Andromeda goes, Mother Potat follows, balancing out his evil sin-doing ways with her own pure, kind energy. As a way to balance the effect he was having on the Soul, and to keep shes


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