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Commissions Are Open!!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 3, 2013, 5:43 PM
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Hi! Do you want an art piece from me?

I can do Traditional and Digital art  and only I can take only 10 commissions per month. Please let me know then by leaving me a note please!! <3

:bulletorange: How to Commission me:bulletorange:
Step 1 : NOTE ME with information on which type of drawing you want me to do and a full description of the drawing. I am on DA everyday, I will get your message!

Step 2 Once I respond, we can talk about mediums... the following are the mediums I use:

Mediums I use  (TRADITIONAL)

I do Traditional- Graphic Markers (Zig Kurecolor, Copics , Deleter Neopiko)- Colored Pencil ( My main medium: Faber Castell/ Prisma Color)- Dip Pen- – Pastel- watercolor-watercolor pencil- pen and ink. (Check out my FAQ…)

DIGITAL PEN TAB-  Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, Paint tool Sai.

Step 3 Take note of things I do/not do
:bulletorange: What I do :bulletorange:

- OCs
- Personal/Cosplayer Portraits
- Idol portraits ( Japanese or Korean or whatever!)
- you and your idol
- Anime Art
- Chibis
- Furries ( If I can)
-shounen ai/ shoujo ai
- paintings/ concept art
- Character + You

:bulletblack: I do NOT do :bulletblack:
- mecha
- too graphic yaoi/yuri
- animals
- religious stuff 
- gore

Step 4 Pricing. Once you have chosen what you want here are my prices. I am not that greedy so PM me I can probably negotiate with you. For Cash prices.. please 
wait! It will be up soon!

Traditional  Point and Cash Commission Info 
you can check samples in my gallery or at



:bulletblue::bulletpink: Lineart/Ink only (one chara only):bulletpink::bulletblue:
( this is usually inked in G-pen choose from Sepia ink or black ink, and its usually fully detailed.)
Infinite Stage: Shiranui Zaizen by littlemissmarikit Return to Crystalia by littlemissmarikit Woe is the Life of the Right Hand Man by littlemissmarikit Floralia : At the heart of the Adventure by littlemissmarikit Collab: Battle Mage by littlemissmarikit
Collab: Elven Girl with Franzielle by littlemissmarikit Euterpe: Muse of Music by littlemissmarikit
Tori (Western Comic Style) by littlemissmarikit
Bust   $10.00
Waist up  $12.00
Full Body $15.00
Full Scene: $20.00

:bulletblue::bulletpink:Colored (one character):bulletpink::bulletblue:
Baby Yuuko by littlemissmarikit
KHR: Yamamoto Takeshi by littlemissmarikit Euterpe, Muse of Music (colored) by littlemissmarikit
Bust   $15.00
Waist up  $17.00
Full Body $20.00
Full Scene: $30.00

Sato Takeru as Kenshin Himura by littlemissmarikit Scarlet O hara by littlemissmarikit Fujiwara Yuuki My PRINCE by littlemissmarikit
Taylor Lautner by littlemissmarikit
Erina Hime by littlemissmarikit Princess Mappy by littlemissmarikit

Portraits:  Gallery here:…
Using: Prismacolor premiere and copics etc

Child Portrait ( Face only) – $ 25.00
Adult Portrait ( Face only) PHP 20.00
Bust – $30.00

:bulletpink: Digital Art:bulletpink:

Lineart Only
Eren and Rivaille by littlemissmarikit Annie Leonhardt by littlemissmarikit Art trade with missrukia-chan7: Sioux lineart. by littlemissmarikit
Jean Kirschtein WIP by littlemissmarikit Armin Arlert: Smart and Cute by littlemissmarikit
1 Character -   $10
  2 Characters - $15
  3+ Characters -  $7 per chara
Full Scene: $20.00 depending on depth and difficulty

** more characters additional fee**
**BG has additional fee too**

:bulletpink: Digital Art COLORED:bulletpink:
Flames of Determination by littlemissmarikit Take My Hand by littlemissmarikit
O Megami, Christa! (Ah My Goddess, Christa!) by littlemissmarikit When the War is Over... by littlemissmarikit Fight On Mikasa by littlemissmarikit

1 Character -   $16
  2 Characters - $20
  3+ Characters -  $10 per chara
Full Scene: $25.00 depending on depth and difficulty

** more characters additional fee**
**BG has additional fee too**

Step 5: Payment You can pay with Paypal if you are from another country but if you are living in the Philippines, let me know. I can take LBC, Western Union, Cebuana Lhuhillier and G-Cash. OR DA POINTS! <3

I am willing to trade for art! <3 just let me know! 

Welcome!~ <3 Please just note me! <3

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat:thumb119111875:

Thank you!!

NOTE: You should note me to get commissions. And I prefer payment first. I only take about a day or 2 to do commissions.

I also send traditional art to their owners! If you want the traditional piece, let me know.

:star: Check out these people they are AMAZING :star:


Art Commissions and Trade Info
Check me on :facebook:…
:star: Support :iconsaimaistudios: :star:
:heart: マリキト :heart:
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October 3, 2013