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Animasa V2.18.1 Beta DL

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Just a little update 


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Made by Littlemisshorror
This is a Animasa look a like ,this model was made from scratch…
© 2018 - 2021 Littlemisshorror
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I think this is now my new favorite human base if I can figure out why the arms aren't moving right

Edit: It's the one without IK that works. Idk, I'm still pretty new to mmd and don't understand much, if I finish the model I send it uwu TYSM !!!

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do you by anu chance have any more skin tones for this model?
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Not atm but i plan to make more in the future 
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This is so cool!! I'm totally looking forward to trying this out. (Also great work on the rigging, I know how hard that is. I'm in the process of making my own parts and it's super hard, but this is so great!)
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Thanks you, id love to see what you are working on :D
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Can I edit this to make it be like my OC?
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Yup you sure can just make sure to follow the rules :D
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this is so lovely!! I love the face so much and the proportions are really nice!!
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DL! is it Ok if I edit this to make it look like miku?
Question Mark 
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This is the base I have been looking for <3
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Functionally, she's perfect. I just ran her through a number of motions, and I'm impressed by how well the rigging is.
However, her physical appearance is, to be blunt, kinda weird. She reminds me of the common depictions of "Grey" aliens, with a large head, big eyes and thin limbs. Now don't get me wrong, that's not an inherently bad thing, and she's still cute in a creepy way. Base preference is subjective, and I personally have been looking for a suitable Grey-like base for years now. If you're still working on this base, though, I would suggest getting rid of the huge lashes and shrinking the eyes a little bit to tone down the weirdness-factor.
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Thank you so much! i work really hard on rigging my bases well so it
brings me joy to see ppl are loving her rigging,haha i don't think her
 proportions are that weird then again that could be just me  big round
 eyes are a fav of mine but i appreciate your comment tho hardly anyone
comments more than DL these days ;3;
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oh interesting --- thank you! - new watcher
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This brings me back to the old days. This is a lovely base for sure! I shall use this later on once i am done with other things
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Thanks, if you send me a pic for sure!
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You are welcome! And I shall hehehe ^3^
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How you make a face texture and body texture to animasa base?? O_O
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Well i made this base from scratch so...uh i unwrapped it 
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