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science of sleep

All night I shall gallup thus,
(in my dreams)
Till your head is a stone,
your pillow a little turf,

así galoparé toda la noche
con ímpetu
(en mis sueños)
hasta que la cabeza se te vuelva de piedra
y la almohada césped,
y resuene,
y resuene.

[ piece inspired in Michel Gondry's THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP. no other movie has captivated me like this for years. it touched my heart and brain in so many unexpected ways. simply beautiful, creative, magical and visually AMAZING ]
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Lovely! it's inspired me to create my own background of similar style
Celeste-Cloude4evr's avatar
so surreal, yet beautiful
LittleBlackBird79's avatar
Encantadora! Una obra onirica y linda, como el pelicula de Gondry.

Such strange loveliness for such lovely strangeness...
Dali-la's avatar
me fascina el celofan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) hermoso simplemente hermoso!
gabokorn's avatar
Esta super chevere!!!
Gondry es el mejor!!! y "eternal sunshine..." no se queda atras!!!
OnlyMatter's avatar
ah ah ha, LOVE IT DUDE
19SaRaH92's avatar
Wow! :faint: How do you make something like this? :O
makeawish03's avatar
i love this movie!
lilynoelle's avatar


Joor' fantastic, stranger.
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fagette's avatar
oh wow! amazing!
ponchh's avatar
yo tambien la amé ^^
paahti's avatar
omg !
amazing D
Banasre25001's avatar
what movie is this from... it looks familiar
Soleniod's avatar
that movie was great!
ast-aganaga's avatar
wow i love this movie too!!
littlemissfreak's avatar
i know, it's visually amazing and the story is simply superb... everything dream-related tends to fascinate me, but this one touched me in a very special way. i remember crying like a silly girl in the movie theater :)

happy holidays!

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yeah I know, the story is so simple but it's touch us, gael is great :D!
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beautiful objects...
LibelulaPurpura's avatar
aaaawww mi pelicula favorita!! y excelente tu trabajo :D
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Lol! I have never seen the movie but this reminded me of one thing I need to get...sleep. I like how you did the piece, for it looks kind of like a collage made of clippings from a magazine. Aren't dreams such a magnificent thing? In a dream you can be anything and then there is a chance that inspiration will come knocking on your door. That is what has happened to me on many occasions. If only I could implement those dreams into writing. Alas, I am too lazy to do such a thing. But how do I expect to accomplish anything in life if I don't do it? So I hope you are having beautiful dreams. May your rest bring you refreshment. If it is a nightmare that you are facing, I hope you can conquer your fears that are causing it.

To dream to dream, if only I could. But alas I am here, pecking away my thoughts.

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