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ready to pop

fetus-gum is so yummy.

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um okay..this is sorta retarded no offense
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retarded? it's meant to be ironic and critical about teen pregnancy. use your imagination and try to see beyond... 'ready to pop' was a clear reference to being due. judge all you want, but do not disrespect and call something retarded if you don't get to undertand it. either you like it or you don't, and that is perfectly fine!
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I LOVE IT. ^_^ My favorite out of the bunch so far!!
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I am in love with the girl in this pic
For some reason this picture makes me want to get bubble gum
W O W.

Amazing! Such Creative thinking!
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Nicy ! Good job here!
brilliant idea.
love it :]
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that's freakaaaay...yet awesome 80D
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Aww! Lindo! Quiero un fetito así... un feto.
Fetofetofetofeto :3
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it means something!
it's awesome because it's so original. great work on this one!
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Wow!!! Wot a bizarre concept! ^_^ Fantastic photo-manipulation! x
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Unique. Freaky. I like the mad-staring eyes.
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lool this pic is great !!! I love the conceptt and you have a good imagination !!
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:wave: You've been featured in my journal! [link]
Thank you for creating such wonderful art!
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