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alice can't eat

tired of reading "eat me" and "drink me" tags, eating biscuits and mushrooms that made her larger and larger... alice decided giving up on eating, for drinking was far more easy and she discovered she fitted everywhere! no more crying for not being able to go through a tiny door.

even though the cravings for cupcakes and anything sweet were unbearable, which led her to a state of sadness and misery she had never experienced before, it just didn't matter, she would do nothing to stop it. 'if i don't eat i will fit everywhere!', she kept repeating herself. 'no stupid tiny doors, no more destroying houses and being treated like a monster...'.

poor alice. she would end up fitting anywhere indeed. but did they have coffins in wonderland?

after reading 'wasted', by marya hornbacher [link] this is what came up.

a very tough reading.

this is the first of a series i plan on doing about wonderland+eating disorders.

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It's very impressive.. It kinda scares me, but in a positive way..
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all those calories, going straight to her thighs
Holy smokes, that is creepy. Her face is very reminiscent of the original story book, so painfully strange and welling with misery. Love this take on it... the book sounds good, too.
love the idea! love Wasted! One of the more insightful books I think. Seemed much more in depth of her thought process which I love! And Alice was one of my fave movies as a child (the VHS barely works anymore lol) so after reading Wasted I decided to actually read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! LOVED IT! About to read it again!
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Very interesting. I know the place she's in too which is pretty cool. :D It's an Art Museum and it is beautiful.
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I knew I wasn't the only one who noticed that in Alice in Wonderland! Great picture. I think the smile expresses her feelings very well, even though it doesn't look to pretty to me, I feel like that's how it is - it seems like it will be stuck in there forever, like she'll never be happy again.
disturbed, i like!
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if she won't eat this she won't get to wonderland...
she cannot follow the white rabbit. give her some shrooms!
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lovely concept. I love the disscription
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That is very cool and unique. I am truly happy the stock worked out for you! :heart:
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Hehe, very creative! Love it!
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hahah, nice story. her expression's funny.
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so bizarre, Love it.
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Very strange, creepy, and surreal-looking. I LOVE IT!!
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Lol nice story to it.
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fan and funtastic..
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This is a fantastic idea, I love it! *click* Favourite!
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I love Alice face expression:D
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Wait. Is she anorexic?
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strange background, but i love the focus on the theme of eating - you're sexually repressing alice :O lol
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the background is the art museum in milwaukee!!! love it :)
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really? i had no idea! love to know! thanks for the info ^^
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not a problem. lol that building shows up in commercials and stuff everywhere. like i was in Colorado and saw it in a commercial for some drug. lol. check it out. it's pretty freakin awesome :)
[link] <--click :)
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