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The Machinist: Comic Cover


Here it goes!

I have been very inactive here lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working hard on my arts. This project originally started as a practise for myself and some friends, who know the characters. I always dreamed about realizing my own comic and made some attempts in the past, that weren't really that good. This time I decided to take pressure out of the project and did it mainly for myself. Especially to get a better grasp on backgrounds.

Now I have a healthy amount of pages covered to feel safe to release some of them, since I am pretty happy with the results. I really plan on continuing the project (may it be just to continue on a large project, something I always struggle with). For myself I really can't fail with this, just because of all the stuff I already learned with it. Maybe some of you will enjoy the project and follow me with it. The story is planned out and ready to set off.

I plan on releasing a page every week from now on with maybe some breaks in between, depending on my progress.

The comic is completely traditional artwork on A4 with watercolors, even the spech bubbles are planned forwardly and integrated into the artwork. Even tough I add the text digitally because of my terrible handwriting ;)

So that was just a quick heads up from me. Please enjoy the adventures of The Machinist. :)

Please note: English is not my native leanguage, if you find any mistakes please send me a note.
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