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I've gotten alot of notes about fakes, so I thought I'd tell you what sites I am on.

Update January 31, 2012: added my tumblr page.


Thats it, anyone else claiming to be me on those sites or on other sites is fake.

Hope everyone is doing good :heart:

I've been getting more and more requests for comissioned work / photo editing, and I haven't really had the time before to do any. However, starting December I'll have more free time so if anyone would like  to contact me about possible commissions / photo editing, just Note me on here or send me an email at

I submitted a new Calendar for 2010

Calendar 2010 by littlemewhatever

Hope everyone had a good summer :heart:
I havent added any new prints in a while, so I added 10 new today:

Tricky by littlemewhatever Falling by littlemewhatever
Washed Up Hearts by littlemewhatever So Close...Yet So Far by littlemewhatever Lost Forest by littlemewhatever
Make It Blue, Make It Pink by littlemewhatever Missfit ll by littlemewhatever Ice Drops by littlemewhatever
Shell by littlemewhatever Me Without You by littlemewhatever

Hope everyone is doing good :heart:

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I can't belive it's December 24th already.

Happy Holidays everyone :heart:

Myspace :…


Hope everyone had a good summer :aww:

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So with help from jagscupid ( thank you :heart: ) i finally had time to finish the website...

here it is:

Myspace :…

It's starting to feel like summer vacation now, I'm going to a swedish island tomorrow for the day that I go to every summer, I'm hoping I can take some new photos aswell cause it's the most beautiful place in the summer.

I hope everyones having a good summer :heart:

Myspace :…

First of thanks for all the lovely comments and notes :hug:

I wasn't going to say anything on here but here it goes anyway.

As of late I've seen more and more rude comments around
on diffrent peoples art, including on mine.
And I just have to say, If you do not like someones work then
why even bother commenting with comments like
"this sucks"  "anythings possible with photoshop" "Lame"
"all looks no brain".
Comments like that are just so unnecessary.
If you don't like someones work then just stay out
of their IS that simple,
no one is forcing you to like/comment/look at it.

Another thing... Photoshop...
I don't use it, I use PSP, and yes ofcorz I do post
processing on some photos (less or more depending on
what I want cause its my gallery my art my choice),
most artists do nowadays, get used to it.
Most of my photos though, have just small stuff
fixed like border, resize etc. like these:…;…;…;…;…

and those are just a few of the ones in my gallery
that I have just added borders/tags/resized
(a couple of them slight color adjustments) too.
I think people just forgets that there are diffrent lenses
(lensbaby for example adds blur to the edges) and FILTERS.

Sorry for the little rant but I needed to get that off my chest.

Hope everyone is doing good :heart:

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Ok so after thinking about it for a long time, I decided to get a print account.
What photos would you guys most like to see as a print?

So far I've added these as prints:
Behind Your Illusion 2:…
These Hands:…
Untitled Sunset:…
Untitled Sunset 2:…
Rose and Rain:…
Rose and Rain 2:…
Day Dreaming 2:…
Tangled 2:…
Red Veil:…
Flower Petals:…
This Innocence:…
Road To Nowhere:…
Golden Waters:…
Tangled Wind 2:…

Myspace :…

I had some trouble with approving people on myspace this week,
so if you sent a request and I havent accepted, please resend and I will.

Thanks for all the "boredom cures" :aww:

Myspace :…


So I finally decided to make a myspace account here:…

I'll be adding new pictures there aswell
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Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope you all have a nice holiday. :heart:


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Thanks for the DD on Never ending thirst - Black :faint:
Thanks to MidnightExigent  for featuring it :aww:
and thanks for all the comments :heart:

Hope everyone's doing good :heart:
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A few weeks ago I was happy about finally having snow here...
Now I want spring, and its suppose to snow here all week. Getting tired of the cold. I Love spring cause its not to hot, or to cold.

I changed some of the photos below...

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We finally got some real snow here today (just about a month late) so I had to go out and take some photos before it disapears again.
The weather sure has been strange for a couple of years now. We've had a small storm and a real storm already this year. Suppose to be another medium one tonight.

Some new and old photos I havent posted here:

I can't belive it's December again, this year has gone by so fast. But I guess it does when your busy.
I'm hopeing it will snow for christmas, but the whole global warming thing is really messing up the weather. It's like the weather has been pushed forward a whole month. weird.

Anyway, I Hope everyone will have very happy holidays! :heart:

Time goes fast / photos/art

Thu Nov 16, 2006, 11:59 AM
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I can't belive its already mid. November. :|
Feels like it wasn't that long ago it was summer.

I've been reading alot lately (And I NEVER used to read before)
Anyone have any good books they know of?

Some new(ish) photos

Hope everyones doing good :heart:


Sun Aug 13, 2006, 4:13 AM
I've taken a few new photos this past week, I've uploaded a couple of them, i'm not sure if i'll upload any from the others but I might.
Its started raining and we've had a couple of thunderstorms this week so there's been alot of time over for it.

Also, does anyone have any good movie suggestions?

Hope everyones doing good :heart:
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What will you be doing this midsummer? (For all of you who actually celebrate Midsummer)
I'll be spending it with my family and some friends.

Happy Midsummer everyone :heart:
Hope you'll have a great Midsummers eve (Friday) and Midsummerday (Staurday).
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