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When Magic Came
This is a report I'm making on something that happened, and is by no means professional. I'm just telling how I interpreted it and how it has affected me.
Some time ago, about two weeks, someone had an insane amount of luck, found an object of some kind that could grant a single wish, what this object in question was or where it was found is information I do not have access to, and whether or not the object still exists, as it was reported to vanish after the person had made a wish. This person same person, who by the way is not me nor someone who I know, wished for magic to be in our world. The fact that it worked was jarring enough, but there's a problem, due to the fact that the wish was actually very vague in what kinds of magic would be present, nearly every kind of magic known in fictional works are present, which there's too many for me to count.
Magic itself wasn't all that came, some creatures from each of the works also have surfaced in our world as well, which due to
:iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 5 2
'Minor' Inconveniences Event: Leo
    It was almost just the same as any other day for Leo, nothing great nothing horrible happening so far, however, the start of his troubles began while he was out doing some jogging. Without any indication from something, Leo had tripped, as he was in motion, he attempted to perform something he learned so he could get back on his feet right away. At the time when he landed on his hands, his arms gave in and cause him to tumble, this caused Leo to become incredibly confused. Once the riolu was able to get his bearings, he found himself sitting on the ground and his clothes fitting loosely, this in particular got him confused the most. After taking a moment to recollect his thoughts, Leo slowly stands up, and after that he takes a moment go get balanced. With those actions done, and gotten a good enough grip on his loose clothes, he starts to head to the dorm that he was assigned.
    The walk over had taken a while, and getting to door open took a little bit
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Leo's app by littlekirby61524 Leo's app :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 6 2 Random light-art thing by littlekirby61524 Random light-art thing :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 2 3
Jason Miller (character rewrite)
Name: Jason Miller
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (he was 15 two years ago)
Species: Grey Fox (anthro)
Personality: Jason is an easygoing guy who is quite the prankster. He's almost always smiling, not much getting him down, it is rare to see Jason having a bad day. He is somewhat protective of his younger [adoptive] sister, but he won't show it unless he feels he needs to do something. If one does happen to find Jason when he's not in his usual happy-go-lucky mood, he's prone to creating an illusion to distract whoever it is so he can run off.
Abilities and Skills:
- Jason is able to use Fox-magic, but since he is not of the Kitsune variety it can be dangerous for him to use.
- He's taken a Judo class so he can defend himself without resorting to using magic.
- Something that isn't as impressive but is still notable is that Jason can climb trees with ease.
Flaws and Weaknesses:
- Jason's magical abilities take a lot of en
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A character thing
Name: Landon K. Fox
Alias: LK
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Human
Current Status: Partly-robotized
Cause: LK was caught in an explosion that also had led to a fire starting, when he was rescued, they found that his right arm was severely injured, and that his headphones had somehow fused to his head due to prolonged exposure to the heat. In an effort to first restore his hearing, what was decided was to modify his current headphones so they now have the appearance of robotic antenna (think Cave Story), then altered the functions so they can act as receptors for him. Then for his right arm, first was to remove all articles of clothing on it, then it was checked over so those who were working on it could have an idea on what to do for it. It was decided that they'd amputate his arm and replace it with a robotic one, so after making the proper preparations, they got to work. It took a long time before it w
:iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 1 6
LK-Kirby by littlekirby61524 LK-Kirby :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 0 2 An Autumn Leaf by littlekirby61524 An Autumn Leaf :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 1 6 A Raposa drawing of me by littlekirby61524 A Raposa drawing of me :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 3 5 Pokesona by littlekirby61524 Pokesona :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 0 10
Feathers in the Breeze (rp)
For some time now, the weather has been what one would call 'perfect.' It wasn't too hot or too cold, the sky had clouds, but wasn't overcast, and a light wind blowing. Every day people were out and doing outdoor activities such as: Sports, hiking, or just simply just walking around. There were others however that didn't do activities, but still were outside to enjoy the nice weather, like going on picnics or finding a place to sit or lie down and relax. I was one of the people who chose to take it easy, often sitting at the base of or in a tree, bringing my sketchbook with me and something to draw with. All the nice weather seemed great at the time, but then some began to wonder why the weather was so nice for the amount of time it had been. That's when people had noticed that it seemed as if nearly-transparent feathers were floating about in the wind.
After some time there started to be reports of winged humanoids being spotted, but since the reports were so few, and none of the repo
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Leo's current look by littlekirby61524 Leo's current look :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 3 2 I wish I could share this moment with someone by littlekirby61524 I wish I could share this moment with someone :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 1 0 Deviantart 16 Art thing by littlekirby61524 Deviantart 16 Art thing :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 2 0 Kirby thing by littlekirby61524 Kirby thing :iconlittlekirby61524:littlekirby61524 3 0
Animal Crossing RP (closed)
Out in a place where very little people knew of, was a village that consisted only of animals who were anthro. Every now and then someone who is human would move there, but after some time would move away. That is, what happened most of the time, and what others thought happened every time. As of right now there was an open place for someone to move in, and possibly pay it off. However, there has been rumors that it may end up being demolished due to residents constantly leaving it, and that anyone who comes will have to move in with a resident who is willing, or will have to get a new house built.
--I will either be a male Silver Fox anthro or a female Fennec Fox anthro, which you DO NOT get to decide, I will reveal names when relevant. I can already be residing in the current village, or am moving in, I prefer our characters do not know each other.
--You will either be moving in or already residing, and please choose an animal that makes sense to be in Animal Crossing as an
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Galar Starters by BluuKiss Galar Starters :iconbluukiss:BluuKiss 487 11 Silver Majestic Fox by eychanchan Silver Majestic Fox :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 666 24 Balrog - OH YEEAAAAH by TabbyWesa Balrog - OH YEEAAAAH :icontabbywesa:TabbyWesa 16 2 Dimentio vs Wilfre by Tesnuzzik Dimentio vs Wilfre :icontesnuzzik:Tesnuzzik 204 53
Plan of Action!
Alright! First of all, I need to stop being shy and actually start to talk to people and comment on things!
(cause, I really have to stop being shy)
Then, uhhhh *thonks* Officially announce the ssec semi secret project thingy I am working on, theeennnnnn
Make a ssec DA group! And the group is going to be like PMDE or other groups like that! *eyes sparkle* With you guys getting the background eevee that do quests ans missions and stuff and it'll be super cool! 
lol, Oh right, Commissions are closed again, cause I am literally being sucked up by school. QuQ And like, it is making me take a long time to finish commissions. 
At least SSEC is resuming for DA~
Remember! these are the website esclusive comics! 
QuQ I go now. Sorry for wasting your time.
:iconscruffyeevee:Scruffyeevee 7 22
Foxy Pride by eychanchan Foxy Pride :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 2,682 82
Amusement Park Worker: Mascot TF/TG
   Amber was excited to finally have gotten a job she really loved. She always had a fascination with anthropomorphic animals, so to be hired as the animal mascot for an amusement park nearby, she was thrilled! She was already on her way to the park, her phone set to guide her there. Of course, the drive was a mere ten minutes; the park was someplace local, thankfully. She couldn’t imagine having a half hour or more daily commute!
   Once there, she parked her car in the employees-only car lot. Thankfully, it was a whole lot less crowded than the visitors’ lot, so she was able to just walk right up to the main building with ease. There, she found herself in a mostly empty, but still quite appealing, lobby. She walked up to the man at the receptionist’s desk.
   The man looked up at her. “Hello miss, how can I help you?” He questioned halfheartedly. He sounded mildly bored about his job Amber couldn’t help feeling a littl
:iconkitsune-thunder:Kitsune-Thunder 22 48
Shiny Eeveelutions by BluuKiss Shiny Eeveelutions :iconbluukiss:BluuKiss 342 62 The Legacy Estate by Twokinds The Legacy Estate :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,904 125 early birdy by Apofiss early birdy :iconapofiss:Apofiss 4,913 115
Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through D.A.
All the creatures were stirring. They were on holiday!
A cold winter's night, with some days off for break's
The perfect time for artists to cure those art-aches.
The artists were nestled with the tools of their station,
With scrolling hands ready to find inspiration.
There was one young artist logging on with a smile
To sit back and think of what they hadn't in a while.
'Twas 10 years to the day since they'd made this account.
If they'd only known then what surprises would mount.
The features, the layouts, the widgets, the glee,
the DeviantMeets, the app, and the community.
In a world brimming with art, competition seems tough,
and it's easy -- alone -- to feel not good enough.
But the community on DeviantArt is so vast,
A new artist is kindred, without needing to ask.
One's watchers bring support, encouragement, praise,
criticism with care, a rare sight these days.
And then there are artists you yourself get to find
who bring in
:iconheidi:Heidi 3,110 8,783
MM Anniv. 4 - Riddle Me This by Kishmet MM Anniv. 4 - Riddle Me This :iconkishmet:Kishmet 1,451 203 Mario Maker Stage: Cave Story by PeekingBoo Mario Maker Stage: Cave Story :iconpeekingboo:PeekingBoo 30 9 Spamming up the Walls by eychanchan Spamming up the Walls :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 1,296 115
Kitsune Love (A Kitsune TF/TG Story)
    Huge thanks to :iconGremlinboyFH: for writing this with me and making it all possible. Thanks, man.
    Autumn had settled in the United States and the country was well into the season. The chilly weather was slowly covering and replacing t-shirts and shorts with jackets, pants, and the like. Leaves were losing their luscious green colour and becoming more or less appealing shades of yellow, brown, red, and orange. Noah’s walk to Semmet’s house was still lively, as the pine trees and some bushes hadn’t lost their familiar grassy colour. Of course, it was made even livelier by the myriad of Halloween decorations sprawled along lawns and houses across the neighbourhood. Many of the decorations made him chuckle at the generic cheesy designs of most of them, but he knew that it was normal. The wind started to pick up and the clouds started to blanket the sky, so the young teen figured a storm was rolling in. A cold tingle struck his nose and a few
:iconkitsune-thunder:Kitsune-Thunder 8 10
Kitsune Love (A Kitsune TF/TG Story)
Autumn had settled in the United States and the country was well into the season. The chilly weather was slowly covering and replacing t-shirts and shorts with jackets, pants, and the like. Leaves were losing their luscious green colour and becoming more or less appealing shades of yellow, brown, red, and orange. Noah’s walk to Semmet’s house was still lively, as the pine trees and some bushes hadn’t lost their familiar grassy colour. Of course, it was made even livelier by the myriad of Halloween decorations sprawled along lawns and houses across the neighbourhood. Many of the decorations made him chuckle at the generic cheesy designs of most of them, but he knew that it was normal. The wind started to pick up and the clouds started to blanket the sky, so the young teen figured a storm was rolling in. A cold tingle struck his nose and a few more on his arms. He knew he had to hurry.
Noah was still a few blocks away when the rain started to fall. First just a few drop
:icongremlinboyfh:GremlinboyFH 72 29



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, call me LK

I like to draw a little but I'm not the best at things. Sometimes after I've finished a drawing or consider it good enough I'll put it though a photo-editing program to digitalize it.

I like to play videogames, chess, and I like to do puzzles (not jigsaw). I also like to read in my spare time, but I also draw in my spare time. I like hanging out with friends and talk about things that are of interest at the time.
Well now that the big announcements have been done and such, it's time for me to go over what I think of the current state of the game. Just note I didn't watch the invitational tournament, so don't get upset that I said something incorrect, this is just based on what I've seen with the trailers and the showcase that Nintendo Treehouse did.

1. Veterans: They decided that it was finally time to have every character that ever was in the series, make a comeback, I imagine the 3 that people are most-excited for are Snake, Wolf, and the Ice Climbers. It's also nice that Pichu and Young Link are making a return as well, and with all the others that I haven't mentioned (if there are any others).

 -Young Link: If you had eagle-eyes like I did, in the showcase, did you notice that Young Link's arrow was translucent and had some kind of orb in it? I am guessing that is to better show that Young Link uses Fire Arrows opposed to the normal ones that Link and Toon Link have.
 -Pichu: Still takes damage from using electrical attacks, but that's fine, it's how Pichu was before.
 -Wolf: The redesign is interesting, and from what I could tell already, he's mostly the same with playstyle.
 -Snake: Still going strong with his 'unique' way of fighting, kinda hoping that they include the Codec or Palutena's Guidance, if not both.
 -Ice Climbers: Definitely changed up since the last time we saw them. You no longer have to jump first if you want both to face the same way with the d-special of theirs.
 -Final Thoughts: I can't wait to see the differences in the characters when I finally get a chance to play as them, I just hope that some of the new mechanics don't throw me off.

2. Newcomers: Inklings, Ridley, and Daisy, the latter of which is mildly bugging me, but eh, whatever. I think we already knew that the Inklings were going to be in, but Ridley, oh boy, that was an unexpected arrival. A character who's been wanted for quite some time has finally made it in as a playable character. Then Daisy... I honestly have no words.

 -Inklings: It's great to see that Splatoon (the original) is getting some love in not just Mario Kart, but now Super Smash Bros as well! All of the weapons they use, and the nice little touch of each of them having different gear equipped (even though it doesn't matter in this case). And about what I'm saying with the Inklings we see being from the original game, just take a look at two things in particular: They throw bombs opposed to using something to launch them, and the Final Smash they use is the Killer Wail, a Super that doesn't show up in the second game.
 -Ridley: A beloved character to say the least, and even though I haven't played all the games that Samus fights him in, one of which is perfectly okay according to fans I guess, I'm not disappointed with how he turned out, my only question is this: Has shooting him in the mouth always been a thing? Or was that a Metroid Prime thing?
 -Daisy: Only having one game involving her, the rest of her appearances being in the spin-offs such as Mario Kart, Mario Party, and the Mario sports games, I don't really have any other words since she's an Echo Fighter. (I mean seriously, why Daisy? The Mario series has enough reps and she was already an alternate outfit for Peach)
 -Final Thoughts: Overall I say that the newcomers are definitely going to make some changes that people didn't expect, here's hoping that you give us your best.

As for other little bits; One: I'm hoping that SSBU gets its own version of the Subspace Emissary, as in a Story Mode, but I won't mind too much if it doesn't, I mean, the story would be different anyway. Two: In the Ridley trailer, I noticed that after Ridley had hit a character with the "sweet spot" of a certain attack of his, they poofed out of existence, so I'm predicting that the Stamina Match mode will have characters vanish after they lose all of their HP rather than just lying around. That's all for now, when they release more information and stuff, I might, or I might not do another one of these.
Something that has come to my attention is that there are people who have been severely disappointed that the 'new' character that was going to be introduced had ended up being the character customization function where you 'create' your own character. So I'm going to try and give my opinion on it, focusing on both the good and bad aspects of it.

What I like about it

For a long time, even since the time that Sonic had been first introduced, people making their of FCs has been present. Over time as the series itself had developed, so did the characters. I myself am someone who has made an FC, so the character customization feature is something I am looking forward to! While there may not be a choice of what species that the character can be that I'd want, It's still a fun concept that encourages people to be creative, they can make the character look as awesome or as ridiculous as they want!

What I don't like about it

To me, although it's innovative, it seems that SEGA didn't want to take the time to add a completely new character to the franchise. From what I understand, they were hyping up a new character so much that they got a LOT of fans excited, but at the reveal, a good number of them were disappointed. Letting down a lot of people like that... isn't a good thing. They could've added an entirely new character AND the character customization, but nope, just the character customization.

I apologize if this is any way biased, but I'm afraid that unlike others, I'm not a hardcore fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. I was pretty much in the dark, so there was nothing to get me hyped up in the first place.


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