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Pucca: WYIM Page 22

By LittleKidsin
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Ngh, not my favorite page.. OTL


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Pucca (c) Vooz
Art and Story (c) LittleKidsin
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They look grown up a bit o_o
Budderangelroxs's avatar
Never mind. He's real.
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Kyaaaah, you draw everyone so beautifully... They all look like themselves, but just... more real!
RoseMaylieGottschalk's avatar
RoseMaylieGottschalkStudent General Artist
He's James Bond XDD PFTTT
Skurdandiri's avatar
She's dreaming! Something's off!!
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InfinityStoryStudent Digital Artist
how did you know?
watchingonahill's avatar
Is there any reason why Pucca's eyes were closed up until now in the dream?
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Pucca and Garu are a lovely couple 😍
But Garu looks soo sexy 💖💖💖
SillySixShooter's avatar
...i love this so far but ima say it first (prob not first)...nigga looks like young Samurai Jack.,....x3
Eyezodiotic's avatar
EyezodioticHobbyist Artist
Now that you said that...

i completely agree
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LittleKidsinProfessional General Artist
PFFFT I don't think he does but, that's cool! x-D Thank you for reading~!
angeldelasabiduria's avatar
angeldelasabiduriaHobbyist Traditional Artist
omg Pucca looks so beautiful 
LittleKidsin's avatar
LittleKidsinProfessional General Artist
Thank you! >v<
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I don't know why, but Garu looks a little bit like Bruce Wayne in the last panel. He's really attractive...
GamzeenMakaral's avatar
GamzeenMakaralHobbyist Traditional Artist
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LittleKidsinProfessional General Artist
lol! Thanks hun! <3
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WOW you made Garu handsome! I mean in the series he was cute cause he was all Chibi like, but you actually made him attractive, I'm really impressed. Also, I see you made everyone happy that Pucca wants to dance with Garu, everyone except Clown and Shaman. Cough* Cough*Foreshadowing*Cough.
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LittleKidsinProfessional General Artist
:iconcblushplz: Your comments are too sweet, you know that? Thanks for making my day hun ;//3//;
LaEnigmaDama's avatar
No probs bob Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] . I am serious about being impressed by your Garu though. I've seen a lot of Pucca fanart and Garu always looks good and adorable, but yours sticks more true to the character and looks (at least in my personal opinion) like a legitimate Garu in non-chibi form while still managing to make him look handsome. Cause like I said he was cute on the show but definitely not handsome (again my opinion).
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tjbunnyloveStudent Filmographer
garu looks good toooooo CHOICES CHOICES......Blush 
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CrystalCriticHobbyist Traditional Artist
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