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Pucca: TONT Page 47

Hi guys! I hope you're all having a good start to the week~
I'm sorry for the wait for this one, as most of you know, I was unwell and couldn't find the strength to get this done on time ; v ; Hopefully next weeks update will look better!

Thank you for your patience and understanding :heart: I worked really hard on this page ;; so I hope you like it!

Thanks for reading! See you next week~~

Cover:  Pucca: Tobe or not Tobe by LittleKidsin

Next Page: Pucca: TONT Page 48 by LittleKidsin

Previous Page:  Pucca: TONT Page 46 by LittleKidsin

Pucca (c) Vooz
Art and Story (c) LittleKidsin


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A first fully colored page if I remember corectly

First time making a DA account but it was to read the comic. It was really amazing. Sometimes I wish I lived in a comic, especially with Garu and Tobe lol (sorry its sleepy talk). Hope to see more of the comic soon. Its Its currently 6 am and I haven't gone to sleep yet since I read everything haha

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I JUST found your work and I just LOVE THIS, its the funniest sweetest thing ever! Is there more to come? Or is there more on your patreon?
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I need background tips for you like desperately LMAO

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I love these comics! I love this ship and i love this artstyle! <3

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Me acabo de leer todo el cómic de nuevo! Hace años justo en mi cumpleaños lo ví, fue realmente hermoso pues, ese día me lo pasé terrible pero tú hermoso trabajo cambió brutalmente el día.

Muchas gracias por hacer este tipo de trabajos, siempre, siempre estaré esperando el siguiente!

De verdad te aprecio demasiado, nunca terminaré de agradecerte ❤️

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all i want to see is everybody's reaction to this two

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I've been gone for so long and I am still so stoked for the next page-

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The expressions! The dynamics! JUST *SQUEAL*

[I love the type of romance, the type of angst and drama, and how you write fluff, it's fricking awesome!]

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Where’s the next page?😢

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Pucca Ghost Icon Saysplz emoticon eddition I'm a ghost now! BOO!

I made an account just to read your stories with themmm, i came from yt hehe
LittleKidsin's avatar

Yay! Welcome! Haha <3

yes Yes YES keep uuuup, i love your comics with Pucca & Tobe💞
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This is so cute.
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Sooo cuteee ahhh- < 3

This is really great!!!! Keep it up! I'd like so see more pleaaaase!!!!😁🙏

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Ooww i love this! This is amazing

XOXOLiv-Is-DumbXOXO's avatar
Please do moreee
your comics are greatttt
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Years ago, like in 2016, I saw this comic "What's Yours is Mine" in youtube. It was amazing but it wasn't finished. So I just Hoped that it would be anytime.
And just yesterday I found it again and I LOVE IT! 
So I'll wait all the time is neccesary for this, that I'm sure it would be a masterpiece. =3
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I WILL WAIT AS LONG AS NECESSARY TO KNOW HOW THEY GET MARRIED. Be happy, dear author, I hope you can continue this some day, and if not, I’m still happy with your art. ❤️
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LittleKidsin I inmensely love your work, in fact, I made this account just because of you and your WYIM comic because I wanted to comment how much I loved it, and I only log onto here every now and then to check on your updates, so I hope whatever is going on in your life gets better soon and that you feel good, not just so you can update but bc I actually appreciate you for what you've done on here and I kinda feel as if you were a cool internet friend I barely talk to but that am very fond of. Xoxo!

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