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Pucca: CS Page 4

By LittleKidsin
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Hey everyone! Sorry for the long wait on this one - I should have uploaded it ages ago, but I've been in a bit of a dark place, so it wasn't one of my priorities... 6 - 6;; 

It has been available to read on Patreon for free for the past 2 months! So I hope you're not too mad at me for not sharing it everywhere else as well ;;
Better late than never I suppose <:-)

I am trying to work on more content at the moment, so hopefully I will have more to share before the year ends!

Thanks for being so patient with me and my inconsistent posts haha
I hope you enjoy this page! ❤️

Cover:  Pucca Shorts: Clean Slate by LittleKidsin

Next Page: Pucca: CS Page 5 by LittleKidsin
Previous Page:  Pucca: CS Page 3 by LittleKidsin

Pucca (c) Vooz
Art and story (c) LittleKidsin


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Pomburek's avatar

She looks so adorale on the last pannel <3

AnimegirlforeverAmy's avatar

I wonder what she will choose?

zeagmetres's avatar

More soon please! I'm excited!

zocool42's avatar
Sooo CUTE!!!💗💗💗💗
ChiFujiwara's avatar

What a guy and what a artist. Thank you for taking out your time to share this with us.

DazedDaisiesO-o's avatar

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling too well, but I'm glad you shared that fact with us. I'm sure all of you're audience (myself included) will be patient and understanding about the the pace of your uploads if you feel you need to space out your work schedule. Of course I'd rather see them sooner rather than later because I sincerely love your work, but not at your expense.

KookiePookieArt's avatar

Do whatever you need to get into a better state of mind, you can do it!!! >v< Love your crazy good art <3

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Hey, take whatever time you need :)

bbb35's avatar

Awwww No rush, you do what you can to shine in the dark and perk yourself up.

we enjoy the little bright spots your art gives us ^^

Vale27OK's avatar

I told you, you can handle this darling!❤️❤️🥰🥰 don’t worry about time and improve yourself💗💗Meanwhile we express our love for you~💜💜 Love this episode and waiting anxious for the next one!!!❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️

Vicky-McLennon1957's avatar

as you said, better late than never xD, I can relate a lot tho I do some random comics but still am months late for new stuff lol, but at least it's always a good surprise seeing new updates <3

Jigoku-Tsuki's avatar

aaaaaaa. we need more man like tobe!! <3

Jeangal247's avatar

Hey if you need to take a bit of a break it's okay! We'll still be here for you <3

This page is so cute, I never knew I needed this ship until a few day ago xD

LittleKidsin's avatar

Thank you very much for your support..! ; v ; And yay haha! Always happy to hear that! x-D

ScrapesGoat's avatar
Elfindekeroro's avatar

No worries about it; sorry you've been in a dark place, hopefully it gets better soon. Can't Wait for more content whenever it should arrive clap

LittleKidsin's avatar

Thank you :-) I appreciate your comment <3

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