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Heart and Spades (Reader x Various) Desna
This is from my old account.
Your relationship with Desna and Eska was less than perfect. You had known the twins for a number of years and yet sometimes they still confused you. You first met Desna and Eska when you were sent to the city to live with your grandparents in hopes that you could learn waterbending and healing. From the moment Desna and Eska found you sitting alone as a child when you first arrived there was something special there between you three.
Over the years the twins had become possessive of you especially Desna. Whenever you were around other boys your age or just people who weren’t him and Eska he would get irritated. Recently however Desna had been acting strange around you. He stopped wanting to be alone with you whenever Eska briefly left his side and quickly always found an excuse to leave. Whatever Desna reasons were it worried you because he and Eska were your only friends in the north.
You wanted to somehow get Eska alone and ask her about her brothe
:iconusagi-chan16:Usagi-chan16 143 17
Killer Romance ~ Bolin x Fem!Waterbender!Reader
Chapter 3
(y/n)'s eyelids fluttered open, only to be greeted by a piercing orange light. She groaned and shaded her eyes with her hands. Turning her head in the direction of the light, (y/n) had a clear view of the setting sun from her window. Its darkening light flittered across the water surrounding Air Temple Island, creating a light path pointed directly at her room. The buildings of Republic City were to the far left of her window view, giving her a larger view of the sea.
Shielding her eyes, (y/n) carefully sat up in her warm sheets and slowly peeled them off. Moving her legs over the edge of the bed, (y/n) looked down at her newly clothed body. A loose, long sleeved shirt hung from her shoulders and lightly clung to her form. Long, baggy cotton pants hung from her waist, the foot opening hung past her ankles. The clothing was a little too big for her.
Letting out a sigh (y/n) pushed herself up off the bed, a little too quickly. A wave of nausea came over her, making her fall bac
:iconvaradrake:VaraDrake 69 34
Killer Romance ~ Bolin x Fem!Waterbender!Reader
Chapter 2
The atmosphere around Air Temple Island, was lively under the midday sun. Tenzin let out a happy sigh, as he watched Ikki and Meelo play with the local lemurs. Meelo was showing Ikki how to train the lemur to do a somersault. Ikki's eyes were wide with wonder as the lemur leaped into the air. The lemur rotated is body backwards and gracefully landed on its feet. Ikki's grin grew wider as she turned to Meelo, "can I have a turn."
Meelo gave her a curious look, "why?"
"I wanna train my own lemur!" She said enthusiastically.
Meelo brought his hand to his face, and looked to be deep in thought. He looked back up at Ikki with bright eyes and a huge smile, "okay!"
Ikki let out a happy laugh and hugged him, a blush dusted his cheeks as his eyes widened. Meelo stood there for a few minutes before pushed Ikki off of him and dusted himself off, "eww girl coodies."
Ikki poked out her tongue cheekily, "want me to hug you again?"
"No!" Meelo squealed as he ran away, li
:iconvaradrake:VaraDrake 51 22
Killer Romance ~ Bolin x Fem!Waterbender! Reader
Chapter 1
Bolin P.O.V
Pabu sniffed the off looking apples, he slowly turned and looked at his owner making a small noise. Seemingly in disgust. Bolin slammed his hands on to the wooden counter, splinters flying everywhere. "I've seen better apples than these. Where did you get them? Did you get them from the trash? Who sells trash apples to customers?"
"Th-They're not trash apples sir, I swear," the Merchant stuttered flailing his hands rapidly. The fat fop, had bumped his stall due to his eradic movements. Causing a few apples to tumble to the ground and into the street gutter.
"Oh really?" Bolin grabbed the nearest apple and leaned forward over the counter. Till his nose was nearly touching the Merchant's."Then why did I see you pull this one out of the trash, huh?" He shouted.
"Please don't yell sir," The Merchant looked around nervously. "You're scaring away other customers."
"I can yell all I want! You are over-pricing, stingy apples that you pulled out of the bin and I saw y
:iconvaradrake:VaraDrake 58 4
Killer Romance ~ Bolin x Fem!Waterbender!Reader
A/N: Just a little warning if you don't like things along the line of murder, please don't read. You have been warned.
(y/n) = Your name
(h/c) = Hair colour
(h/t) = Hair type (wavy, straight, curly, etc.)
(h/l) = Hair length
(e/c) = Eye colour
(f/c) = Fav. colour
(s/c) = Skin colour
Reader POV
"Do you like your meal?" The burly male asked. (y/n) took hold of the pale napkin that had been resting on her lap. Raising it slowly, (y/n) gently dabbed it around her mouth, avoiding the perfectly applied (f/c) lipstick upon her lips. She folded it in to a neat triangle, and placed it next to her plate. She raised her gaze to the green-eyed male in front of her. A pleasant smile formed on her beautifully painted face.
"It was divine. You have magnificent taste," she lied. His choice of cuisine, was raw fish drowned in white sauce with a side of expired garlic prawns. The food had left a horrible after taste in (y/n)'s mouth. It probably would take several different brands
:iconvaradrake:VaraDrake 73 8
Not Dry Anymore  by xTheDragonRebornx Not Dry Anymore :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 542 70



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Trollhunters Oc
My oc with Stricklander. She’s done with him and she’s a changeling. I’ll post her info soon
Sunny x my oc which is Gil’s. She 2/3 Sandwing and 1/3 Nightwing. She’s as big Morrowseer and is quite shy compared to her very large structure. This would never happen but I think this is just a cute picture...... so yeah. 🖤


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Just an artist having fun and drawing fan art XD


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