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Two months ago, I have planned out a design contest on, then later organized the whole event, as well as been one of the judges.
It was about creating Chinese themed heroes in American comic style.
In one month, we recieved quite a lot of entries:…
There were plenty of amazing ideas, althought some might be not "Chinese" or "American" enough, interesting nonetheless.

Two weeks ago, press media Global Times was somehow interested, then reported this event on their page:…

That was some interesting experience.
Breaking news!
ATTENTION: BotCon 2012 Dealers third party toys banned from BotCon & NOW FAN ART TOO:…

I can understand the action of banning 3rd party toys. It's still the right thing to do, even Botcon itself was one of the first making those.

So how far is Hasbro from joining the PIPA/SOPA campaign, eh?

I'v been dreaming to go to BOTCON for over ten years, never had the chance. But such dream is no more.

Congras, Hasbro.
You have your 100% OFFICIAL CONVENTION now.
To me, the one BOTCON I've ever dreamed about, IS DEAD, officially.

Somehow I totally let my DA account rust for ...errr.... two years? I dunno~ Maybe mostly because I hardly drew anything in free time~ OK, there actually wasn't much so-called "free time". I kinda keep myself busy with commissions after work~

So, my last journal entry talked about working on animation production for two years then left, in order to enter toy production.
Now I've been in this place for another 2 years... I learnt a lot, A LOOOT! And there it seems there're still much to explore. Last month, we had a meeting with a few Japanese collaborators. They used to work in Bandai for decades, helped developed star brands like Gundam, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. They are awesome, awesome, and awesome.  The meeting was more like a precious class to me. Looking forward more chances to meet them! (I really should get seious in learning Japanese...)

What did I really made for the past 2 years? I'd love to show them here, but just not now~ lots of them are not out yet~ orz

What's up next then? I am kinda upgrading myself in circles of each two years now. First 2 - animation production; Second 2 - toy production - preproduction designs for series/product designs etc; Third 2 - I think it's time to combine and maximize my experiences on both fields.
Holly smudge!! It's about one and a half year since last time I wrote a journal here! (I did update gallery once a while...)

Basically, I had a chance to form a 3D production team, and be in charge of the 3D part of a TV show. There were hell lot of struggles and presures... lack of experience, hardship of fiting Maya with Flash, hyper-super-ultra tied schedual... oh, yes, the schedual was the best... 46 episodes with about each 15 mins of length, including preproduction, all had to be done in about 9 months...myself never believe time could be cought... It can. It's a miracle that we actually made it happen XDD

About the show, I don't recommand anyone to watch. It is a simulation of Super Sentai/Power Rangers with almost none development on the story nor most of main characters. Requested by the client, this show only needs to focus on the fights, cus that sells their toys. The toys... most stuff rip off Bndi, so let's skip it...... Budget's low ; time's short; we're inexperienced; sum of us were not that well in art etc... how good the production can you expect? But hey, I did enjoy the process of making it. We did have some good times together. Oh, BTW, the villains in this show were original by us; their designs were quite decent. And I contributed the design of the main villain - General Tekmen(Iron-face) XDD  Too bad he's a typical(old-school) bad guy, just being angry and angry about failures all the time...

Recently, two days before my 2nd anniversary of being in the animation industry, I paused it. I went to the field of product design. My new boss company makes toys and animations, and it's on the stock market. I never been in a big place like this before. A lot of rescources and oppotunities are to be discovered. It's like starting all over; again to be a newbie in a new crowd, thirsty to learn new things. I havn't given up the goal of being a director, and I want more than that. Kawamori Shoji is a monster; he designed Valkyrie fighters(Macross), tons of machines and robots (including much Transformers); he directed animation films; he performed as an actor in TV; and now he is the president of Satelight Inc. Kawamori Shoji is a monstrous genius that I could impossibly become, but possibly look up to. We are still young; we have much to explore! YAY!
Finished. It was actually the premier version - the combined 1st 3 episodes.

The production was... well, obviously a rush work.

Translations are mostly word-to-word, I mean, I can still see the English sentence structure from those lines. There're also some misunderstandings to the original text. One really nice thing, the names and Transformer-related nouns are the same as 23 years ago. Boy, that makes us overage kids cry.

Voices, yes. I dunno if humans get better actors or the Robots-team havn't yet got into their characters. Sandac, Sari and Fanzone fit their original characters pretty well. But Bots and Cons sounded kinda dumb, emotionless. Let me put it this way: Autobots all sound like Bulkhead, even Bumblebee! LOL

Hope the quality would improve in the future. But still, wouldn't be a big problem for the kids. These are some freakin lovely giant robots! In Cantonese! That's all we need XD
Of course it's gonna be dubbed in Cantoonese. Holly sweetie. I'm definitely gonna watch it.

Now just hope the voices suit the characters or the American version. Yes, I can still recall the Cantonese Bumblebee's voice from 23 years ago, and I know that guy is still alive on his career. Weeee.
I'm working with fellow 3D animators on a car-racing show now. It's called Formula-X, some kid and dude and chick drive semi-futuristic formula, 2D toon shaded. And I'm forced to make characters move stiffer to match the anime-like house style; really need more time to adjust XD

Still, I have fun, good time. Being involved in a team is happier than playing solo, indeed. Though the long working hours making me pretty tired, physically.
And safe, yessss.

Will take a while to have my room back...and computer. Well, finally get to relax a bit.
I will take off at August 21st and arrive Hongkong at 20th.

Time is tight, so tight. And I haven't sold out some of my stuff! Aaargh!
When I get back, I won't have my own room, computer and stuff for a while. It'll be crazy! LOL

Well, things are good... or will be... eventually XD……

Been 20 years, this's the most G1-ish series after Rebirth(1987)!

I'm leaking lubricant on my fenders! GOSH!
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別亂傳,否則me會告你 XD
I found the paperback version of the MOVIE Adaptation yesterday.
It seems a lot of content were not included in the comic, and some plots are definitely different from what we've seen in the trailers and TV spots... so, it doesn't spoil too much IMO. Just like an bigger teaser for the movie.

Penciled by
Colored by

Alex Miline's work is improving! Well, obviously a lot better than his last contribution in Art Of War (published by DDP).
I like people who can overcome difficulties and keep making progress.

Joshua Perez, oh, our "Bumblebee" must be very happy coloring himself (does it sound wrong? XD)
Anyways, I always like his color. Thumbs up for you, dude!…

This is the first half of the total length. If there's enough time, I will do some improvement on the run-&-stop part.
Approximately, I'v been here in Canada for three years. Well, actually, I'v never stepped on any other place other than the Great Vancouver, not even Victoria. You know, life is expensive when holding ONLY a student visa. I can always see my wallet bleeding.

Soon, about 4 or 5 monthes later, I won't be allowed to stay any more. I'm graduating; the visa is expiring; no one will be hiring a foreign junior animator etc. I havn't seen my families for years; miss them so much. Now it's a good chance to be with them again.

Still, I like this place. It's a pity that I didn't make more memory here, didn't visit more around, didn't meet more people. Hell, I'm already missing everything here. Better take some photos of the fence, doors, lamps, power oulets, holes on the walls...  LOL

BTW, anyone living in Vancouver and willing to watch the TRANSFORMERS movie on July 4th? It'll be a nice memory going to that event with some other fans. The latest trailer is so incredible. I wiped some tear every time watching it. So, I might cry my ass off in the theatre. XD
When is it wise to give up?
When is it brave to last?
Sand may wet one's eyes; Shoulders may bend one's back...
All excuses.
A man still NEEDs to stand on his feet, as he has a world to run.

Straight your spines, as they can bear a falling sky!
Stretch your chest, as it can contain all pains from one's being!
Open your eyes, as they can catch every drop of wonder of life!
Hold up your fists, as they shout to any barricade, "THIS WORLD IS MINE!"

All voices of a mind shall UNITE.
We may argue, only for a better solution;
We may question, only to firm our vision;
We must march toward one common goal, then our destiny will not be denied.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

It's an new burning robot show from GAINAX.
Hot robots, hot drills and hot chick! These're the elements of men's romance! MOE! XD
Have to watch it, people! (if there's any English sub)
My brother and some crazy people gathered in another crazy man's house, taking pictures of a collection of Starscream toys.… <--- The first man you see on this page is my brother: Linson (Ironhidecn)… <--- And photos he took. Professional, eh?

Myself, on the other hand, stuck in my little oversea rent room, took some pictures as well.  -->…
Yaah, not even worth to compare, but I did find some fun alone. Xp

DAMMIT, I wanna be in a toy party TOO!
Have no idea how to upload animations, so I'll just put them on Y2B.

Here are two animations I did for school, which... I consider not too bad to hide.
BTW, the models'r NOT done by me; I just animated em'… <--- You can hear one of my voices in this one; and I know, the lip-syn sucks……

A dark evil-looking Ironhide is present! Yesss
I'm loving it…

I was just so damn excited when see this thing~ must go to the theatre on July!

Sigh, still don't know what Ironhide looks like... well, that simplified version from  Fast Action Battler… has a kinda black-dog head... and short arms. Hope the mega or ultimate ones would kick some ss.