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Moniqomics - Rocky Roast

By LittleIkki
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So incase it ain't obvious at this point, Miss Malich and Monique...  Especially Monique, ain't particularly standard humanoid-beings.  In Monique's case, all she's capable of consuming is colorful, crunchy geodes and the sort.  Actual consumables aside from water are a no-go for the lil' lady.

Monique & Miss Malich (C) LittleIkki

Special thankos to Vortsukoto, SIR-Kuma and mizox with writing assistance
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Sorry where not having roast, the roast is ruined.

We're having Steamed hams instead.
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Monique: And we're just going to ignore the fire burning down the kitchen.

Miss Malich: Sweetie I've told you before, that's just the aurora borealis.

Monique: I would normally question how such an event can happen in our kitchen, but then again I'm eating a rock for dinner so.
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Taste like living.
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As a geologist, I probably shouldn't be surprised about this, especially considering that Monique and Miss Malich are, as I understand it, made of clay (which can be either a type of sedimentary rock made of weathered minerals or a mineral in its own right). And yet...when I first saw this, it still came as a surprise to me.

I'll admit, though, it was a pretty amusing surprise, hehehehe! :D ^^ Good job, Ikki!
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Mmm, purple. 

Cute comic! 
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So how come she can’t eat normal food
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Nice, wonder how Geodes taste.
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mmmm, crunchy
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Aww I love Monique! 
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Very adorable comic, nice work. Ha ha! =D :thumbsup:
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