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Friendship is Magic, Part 1



UPDATE: Added to my RedBubble 


"Guess you could say: how do you do, Twilight Sparkle?"

Finally starting on the My Little Pony Episode Challenge that I considered doing so long ago. I figured this would be a good excuse to practice my drawing methods, so don't expect the picture to look the same each time :P
I really wanted to draw something with Twily's crazy hair in this episode. I also experimented with style, lineart, shading and cropping.

For the background I got lazy, so it is referenced from Ponyville Background by lightf4lls


Commissions are OPEN SOON?

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I allow sharing this work provided I am being credited in the form of artist name or a link back to the original (DeviantArt or any other site reserved for your original works is not allowed). If you share without a source, I WILL REPORT!
Please do not steal my characters, my commissioners' characters or use the pictures for roleplay. Other permissions, such as use for edits/bases/references can vary and will require to ask me beforehand.
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Woaw! "Nice" looking hairdoo, Twilight.

Very good drawing, mate.