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San Diego Con was nice! I got to see a lot of old faces and new ones at the same time.
Da Cloonan, Da Reeses and Da Satone were all my homies at the con. It was noice!
American Virgin is out. Get it all of you.
Y'all need to check out Wet Moon if you haven't yet. I got to talk to the artist for a bit, and it's worthwhile look.
Other things I can totally recommend is the Flight 3 book, which pumped up it's stature majorly since book 2.
I mean book 2 was schweet, but Flight 3 was totally like another level. (nice job you flight artists =3)
AND CLOUD BOY! I love this book. It's a children's book about making art. it's so nice. I <3 the artist.

I got my portfolio reviewed bu a lot of big and small name companies alike. And I came away with the same thing which is
1. I need to focus more on my illustration skills
2. I need to make a pitch, (i need a writer!) because thus far my work is respectable but not cohesive
3. All the stories I want to do for myself, I should self publish, because i'm not "mainstream" enough for big and small publishers alike.

Time get my rear in gear >_<
Musical-Wolf Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2006
Wow! sounds awesome!! =3
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July 24, 2006