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Screencap of Airship Scene

Screencap of Temple Scene

Screencap of Rin talking

Shoutarou Morikubo

The spread for my comic

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lucien garden

Ten Brothers

the deep

Wind Asphyxia

Stilts and Sighs


WIP - Patches


Inkling of Inward Itch

The Wallflower


The Heart Doctor



Sakura Colored Skies

Llama: Llamas are awesome! (1)

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

thanks to everyone's who's been leaving comments to me. i'm really bad at giving replies, but thank you for your notes. they give me smiles while i draw.

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

Happy new year everyone. I thought i should share some of the illustrations from my guinea pig calendar.

weird meme-i got tagged

weird meme-i got tagged

I got tagged by ~VanessaSatone ( Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 Weird Habits/Things About Yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 Weird Habits/Things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "You are tagged" in their devPage comments and tell them to read yours..." I'm going to do this, but I don't want to tag anyone. (fear of retribution?!?!?!?!) Maybe i'll tag someone later when i can think of who i want to know these things about?! 1. I obsessively pul

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VanessaSatoneProfessional Traditional Artist
hey i thouight this iQ quiz was cool. i just took mine!! CLICK HERE
spoonbardProfessional General Artist
:) Followed the link from comic space. I love your work! It has a beautiful dream-like quality to it :)
Thanks for the watch ja ^^
Thanks so much. < 3