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long time fighting with my camera, love/hate, perfect pic/ugly angle...
Today I start a new life, in home town. So hope this new start will bring good pics and perfect moments.
I'll try to show you the best of my land, the south west, to show there's nothing better than coming back home

Capting the changes, sharing the new structures, the various colors, and the different seasons...

Still there and happy to share !
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it's been quite a long time.
I just realised I miss DA a lot, so I will act again, and share visions, comments and advises with you guys...

Talk to you soon,


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I haven't written for a long time. Barna was a very special experience, met so much people, lots of artists (musicians, writers, photographers) and good friends.
Being back here is a pleasure but also the loss of this creative part.

To fight against this lazy phenomenon, i'll go out and shoot as much as I can...

Take care dudes, I'm back again !
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Wow I passed the critical cap of the 1000 pageviews...
Just a little number but very important for me.

Thanks to everyone for having visited one day this page, and I promess, I'll be more productive in the next months... !
what do you prefer ?
digital films or slide films ?

I used to use slide films but I definitively make my choice for digital.
i was very disappointed by the performance of the Canon EOS 3000, I bought before the travel. It's an old camera but the flash is unefficient.

What do you think ?
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I'd stopped the photo for months, didn't really know why. But yesterday, I went outside, and found the pleasure again.
Looking everywhere, listenning, discovering new places...
I missed that more than I thought.
So here I am with new ideas...


Mon Jan 30, 2006, 1:23 PM
Ey what's :new: ?

- New Year, Happy New Year everyone !!!

- New photoshop version ( I worked with a very old version ! ) :w00t!:

- New resolution : I won't smoke this year ! Ok it is easy I have already started to stop :winner:  

- New friends, I will throw the old away, and find others.....  Don't worry, I'm joking :cuddle:  

- I have to be the master again :jedi:  , I've lost my place of master of the 8pool ... :sniff:

See you...
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coming back again

Mon Nov 7, 2005, 4:50 AM
still here

Waou, It's me again with a wide smile.
everything is great, I received my cam this morning
So I decided to go on with DA a few time.
I 'm ready to work again !!!

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Have you ever wondered what could be the right decision to make in certain situations ?
I have.
I'm not sure of myself, sometimes it makes me feel as if I were crazy :crazy:  . I want it, but I cannot receive it.
I dream about it, but in the real life, I'm paralysed. I cannot change the way things are.
So I'm just waiting, here, in the present, relying on friends, family, and the other ones. :smooch:  
I just need to put all my stuff into a new big brain, 'coz mine is a bit upside down. :brainless:  

If you want to sell yours, I'll buy it   !

see u.
Sony is a big shit, their stuff don't work !!!!!
I bought my cam about one month ago, & there is already a fuc**** problem !

Means that I'm obliged to stop my plans for the moments.
Hope it won't last for 3 months !


to make my cam fixed
to select the fotos I'll put in MY book
to travel to Spain ( without my cam... :(

it's doesn't seem so important but I'm like a car without wheels... just have to wait !

see u...
I'd been waiting for a long time, but it happened !
I received my new camera ! Not a big one, but it's the beginning, and I've a lot of thing to do to understand HIM !

see u soon !