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One for Merreth



Hey there Kiddies,  besides getting ready for Christmas and working, I managed to squeeze in a couple more pictures for the Lady Merreth contest.  Lady Merreth's Second Contest
**** Update! ****

Contest Extended!

I've decided to extend the contest.  The new end date is Sunday, December 16th, 2013!  Other dates have been adjusted below.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Depict a scene with Merreth in conflict with another character from her world.  This can be a physical or verbal confrontation or even a battle of wits.
Choose one of the following scenes (yes, some reading is required :)):
Lady Merreth confronts Scribe Duggel
Upon her arrival to see High Mistress Rhekhell of the Western Watch, Lady Merreth meets her chief scribe, Duggel, who insists upon following procedure with regard to Rhekhell’s appointments. Merreth’s temper, already frayed after a long ride, snaps.
Link to Chapter with full scene

Honour Bout between Lady Merreth and Lady Tiandraa

Lady Merreth refuses to apologize to Lady Tiandraa for publically striking her in front a crowd of commoners.  Lady Tiandraa demands satisfaction in an Honour Bout.  Merreth accepts and the bout is staged in front of a crowd of Watch nobles and commoners. Things do not go well for Lady Tiandraa.


I must say that I really enjoyed reading this chapter.   I loved the action the humor and the testing of egos.   I won't tell you who wins, but Merreth is pretty pleased with herself when she manages to get a point against her rival Tiandraa for getting her to stumble out of the ring.    Merreth's style is abit unnorthodox but it works lol.   :)
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Did that lady get a sword to her guts ?