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The Marauders Map

This is a copy of The Marauders Map, 36 scans stitched together in Photoshop. I made this for my son, so he could play with a "real map". After 3 months of matching, and colour editing trying to get the whole map together, I’m thinking, maybe someone else would be interested as well.

I've posted higher resolution images of this map in my scrapbook (if you wish to make your own; bearing in mind this is a copywrited item and should be used for personal use only). You can find them by clicking on the links bellow. These are ready to be printed on A3 paper (29cmx42cm) and should all fit together. All apart from the full size Middle flap, which is too big for A3 to fit to scale. I broke this middle flap down into 2 pieces. One part is on "Page 4", the other is on "Flaps".

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Full size Middle flap
The Back

How to fold The Marauders Map?
How to fold the flaps?

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Thanks for your hard work we've managed to get great stuff for our wedding 😍😍

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That's amazing! Thanks for sharing ^_^

Excelente material, gran halago a la serie

You're the best!

Haritanın altında yazı var onu nasıl kaldırabilirim

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You can not remove the writing.

You can download the 4 individual pages and put them together.

Muito bom obrigada por compartilhar

cant download ????

How to download?

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That depends on your device. There's usually a download button or an arrow pointing to a tray or something like that.

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Hello! Can I just say how bad ass this is!? Thank you for taking the time to piece all of this together! Do you remember how heavy of a paper you used? Gonna order some A3 but wasnt sure if I should go 28lb or 32?

Again this is really awesome and I greatly appreciate you sharing this with the rest of us potter heads ;)

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Not entirely sure what paper was used, as I got someone to print this for me (I think it was probably regular paper, so 28, which was fine). Personally, if I had a choice, I'd go for a slightly heavier paper as it will give more of a parchment feel. You don't want it too heavy though, or you won't be able to fold the sections properly.

could you maybe send me the link of the templates in a4 size, but then in smaller sections, because I want the original size. If you do not understand what I mean, then I’ll explain it again.. So you have the full map, and it’s divided into 4 different pages which are A3. But I want the templates to be 8 in total so that I have the big dimensions but I made it with A4 pages. I’m sorry If you still don’t understand me which would be understandable haha. So my question is if you could maybe send me the links of the templates of the pages but then cut in half so that I have eight pages to download and print, thank you so much for helping me in advance and for even reading this, because you probably think I’m crazy or something, but yeah, thanks again

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I understand what you are trying to say.

I don't have this kind of configuration on file and I'm not sure how it would work for the flaps.

can i print it on A4 size sheet?

if yes, what may be the approx dimensions of end product??

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Yes, you can print it on A4.

It will be roughly 20cm x 90 cm.


Hox to map the marauder?

tutorial if possible?

Thank you

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Unfortunately I haven't got a tutorial.

Bonjour. Comment on fait la carte du maraudeurs. Tuto si possible.


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