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Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

Print, stick on a piece of cardboard (old cereal box or similar) and cut out. Make some slits in the larger flaps at the top, for the smaller flaps to slide in and fold together. For better effect cut out the windows (before putting the box together) and stick some clear plastic sheet on the inside (like the plastic “window” from a toy or cake box).
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Thank u soooo mucho, thank u thank u!

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You're very welcome :)

thank you! I've been looking for it

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what size should i print this in?

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Depends on how big you want the box to be. I've done both bigger and smaller boxes, the template works for all sizes.

Thanks a lot! Can i just print this in A4size or should i choose another size?

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You can print it A4, but you'll end up with a very little box, about 10 cm tall.

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Thank U! my son will enjoy it so much!!

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This is such a blessing! I already use this and the card template to film my youtube video!
Thank you so much, I'll give the link of your site in my description box!
p.s. If you want to see how they came out you can check it up here:…
Is there a way to download this without using the converter app? Thanks
this is too neat! thank you so much! i shared this here:…
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Thank you so much for uploading this! 
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I've just tried it and it looks awesome! My jeally beans will be very happy in this little box. Thanks a lot :)
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So glad it worked for you ^_^
your packaging looks brilliant Heart 
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You are the best deviantart artist ;) I loooove your work :P
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Thank you so much! High-five! 
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