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Wow guys! Did a cheeky check of how many watches I had and saw that I'd got 100. That's amazing. Thank you so much, you're all wonderful. ^_^

General Rules

    1.       Send me a note with your idea so we can chat about what’s wanted.

    2.       Once happy, give me your PayPal email and I’ll send you the invoice. I will only start after payment.

    3.       Writing drafts and getting things right takes time, and I like to produce quality work. Please be patient.

    4.       When your story is finished I will send it via DA or pdf, and upload a copy onto the site (unless requested otherwise).


    1.       Standard is a two-character scenario for 1p per word so £5 every 500 words and £10 every 1000 (so 1500 = £15)

    2.       Extra characters are £10 each

    3.       If I have to create a new OC or research a character I don’t know it’s an added £10 for my time.

I’ll willing to write safe and NSFW scenarios, fanfics and original stuff. Although I’m happy to write about numerous different fetishes, appreciate that writing something I’m uncomfortable with in detail is difficult, so an extra charge would be included for this.

Please respect that I have the right to decline any commission.

So I come back from my break to find that I've got over 50 watchers! I really appreciate that people want to read my stuff. I love writing for you guys and find it rather mind blowing that even 5 people would want to keep reading, let alone over 50. Crazy! I have a couple of little projects in the works right now (hence taking ages to upload anything - I'm working on quite a few at the same time) so look forward to some more cheeky stories soon.

Also, thank you so much to :iconthatfoolishone: for giving me core membership. Was such a surprise! You shall now be rewarded with big squishy cuddles of thanks.
Hey you lovely people,

Away with my fiance's parents for a week so am taking a break from writing to feel fully refreshed when I get back.

Thank you so much for all the watches and favourites so far. Your support is amazing. Hugs and cuddles for all!

Hey, lovely people!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone. I'm still very new to DA, but you've all been very supportive and welcoming, which really means a lot. Writing for you guys is really fun, so I'm hoping to start getting content out a bit more regularly (fingers crossed). I have quite a few fun ideas in my head and look forward to sharing them with you all.