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Daisy felt smug. As soon as Sir Tealeaf had left for his week long job, she’d got to work preparing for his return. With only a few hours to go until he was back, she couldn’t stop herself from bouncing up and down, squealing with glee. That boy wasn’t going to know what hit him when he walked through the door. She was going to fully bask in the satisfaction of training her own personal slave knight.

Now wasn’t the time to get distracted by imaginary desires, however; there was still plenty to prepare before dreams became reality. First things first, she needed to look the part with a suitably sexy outfit. An untrained eye wouldn’t even register the jumble of thin cloth, belts, striped stockings, and impressive heels on the bed to be clothes. However, for Daisy, it was the perfect seductive getup. She bit her lip, impatient to see Tealeaf struggling to get his hands on her.

Wriggling out of her casual clothes, she slipped into the sexy ensemble. A lot of practice had gone in to make sure each part was in the right place. It was super easy to get tangled, and getting one bit wrong often led to the whole thing dropping to the floor – funny, but not quite the mood she was going for. After all, if Tealeaf spotted any moments of weakness, he’d be on top of her. Daisy pouted at the thought. She didn’t exactly mind when Tealeaf had his way, but there wasn’t room for that in her schedule today.

Strutting over to the floor length mirror, Daisy tried out a few different poses to make sure everything was in the right position. She couldn’t resist a cheeky wink at her reflection. Even if she did say so herself, these clothes alone were going to make Tealeaf go crazy. With one last twirl and a quick fluff of her hair, the look was complete.

Next on the agenda was to make the finishing touches in her bedroom. A glossy black latex sheet was already covering the bed. She sighed at the lack of pink on display. She would have loved to have found a way to tightly wrap Tealeaf in her pink blanket, but had thought better of the idea. Boys are prone to making a mess, and she wasn’t having that on her favourite throw. The last time he’d marked her bedding, she’d locked him in a room with Fluffy,  so he could think long and hard about what he’d done.

No pink bedding meant she’d just have to settle for a lot of pink toys. In fact, one of the main things she’d done in Tealeaf’s absence was to improve her (already large) collection. Pulling out her special box from under the bed, she picked it up and tipped all the contents onto the bed. She spread everything out in front of her, then jumped onto the bed to start sorting everything out into piles, according to their function.

Some of it would be obvious to most; bondage tape, belts, rope, gags, handcuffs, dildos, plugs, and vibrators to name a few. Others were a little more obscure, including an assortment of pumps (with their many attachments), some suspiciously medical looking items, and numerous other pieces of plastic and fabrics to be used on every body part imaginable.

Daisy carefully looked over her toys for what she wanted to use first. As delicate fingers brushed over gags and ropes, her imagination drifted off to her happy place. The thought of Tealeaf bound and gagged, only able to moan and roll his eyes in pleasure made Daisy squirm more than a little. Biting her lip a little, the scene played out before her eyes, and she let out a little moan. The sound brought her back to reality. Fun time would come later.

Unable to choose any specifics, she gathered up all of the toys that could be inserted into Tealeaf, and set about arranging them around the room. A few for the bedside table, a couple on her shelf, an extra gag under a pillow (for emergencies), etc. Any remainders were carefully placed in nearby rooms, in case Tealeaf tried to escape. She very much doubted that he’d be able to, but it was always best to be prepared. He wasn’t going to end her fun early.

Left on the bed were the belts, tape, and oh so many bundles of rope. She couldn’t stop her eyes wandering to the metal loops she’d had installed in the ceiling. Other than researching and buying toys, her time had been spent on learning new ties. A lot of practice had gone into how to safely have her man dangling from the ceiling, and Tealeaf had better appreciate the effort. Daisy shuddered happily. He’d have no choice but to have his body used for all her desires.

After unwrapping the different bundles of rope, she attached one to each of the bedposts, ready for potential spread eagle play. Another bundle was placed on the bedside table, in case extra length was required. The last (and by far the biggest) collection, she set about using. Many hours of practice were showing their worth, as the rope was easily crisscrossed and knotted together, forming the basic frame needed for a harness. When it was finally finished, Daisy giggled while rolling around on an empty part of the bed, feet flailing in victory.

There was one thing left to prepare; figuring out how to nab Tealeaf as soon as he was through the door. It was moments like these that she loved being a witch. There were just so many different ways to drag Tealeaf’s tight ass to the bedroom. Potions could take away his strength, or knock him out. Maybe an enchantment to wrap him up upon arrival. Hypnosis could save a lot of bother. Just a little suggestion and he’d be putting a gag in his mouth, before tying his own restraints.  Daisy scrunched up her face, deep in thought. Which way was the most fun?

Wandering over to her potion cupboard, she peered at the vials on the naughty shelf. That powder would make him overly sensitive, this cream enlarged anything that it touched, or there was the concoction that would make him so horny he’d beg her to help him. Decisions, decisions.

She was just making a mental note to grab her camera to capture his reaction when the sound of movement outside signalled that she’d run out of time. Grabbing a nearby bottle, Daisy rushed over to the front door, a wicked grin spreading across her face. It was finally time to play.

This is my first time writing erotic literature. I wanted to start off with :icondaisy-pink71: OCs as I love her art and wanted to add some cheeky background stories. A huge thank you to :icondaisy-pink71: for doing a special art piece to go with the story. :)
Daisy-Pink71 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for choosing Daisy to star in your first story Dusty. I love it!pink heart bullet 
LittleDustermoth Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016  Professional Writer
You're very welcome. She's a fantastic character, and I had a lot of fun thinking about what she might get up to in her spare time. ^_^
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