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Genies’ wish granting abilities may be desirable, but making use of the little tricksters is normally more hassle than it’s worth. They’re well known for twisting people’s words for their own amusement. A wish to be rich may take you to a huge treasure hoard, at the bottom of the ocean. Or a desire for fame could lead to every household knowing your name, as you’re wanted for criminal activity in every country.

These days, most Genies will just pop up and mess with you a bit for saying a wish you didn’t really mean. The stigma of being creatures to be wary of, and even feared, has still stuck around, though. So setting up a show where a Genie grants the audience their wishes had always been a risky idea. Would people want to participate? What if they just yelled out wishes that the Genie was obligated to perform? Even worse, the Genie themselves could go rogue and start causing havoc with people’s desires.

The producer of Your Wish Is My Command had shrugged off all these problems.  She’d known Dustymoth for years, and while cheekiness was in her nature, she was also a big cutie whom the audience would soon fall in love with. On top of this, if the show had a bit of a naughty theme to it, Dusty would make sure the requests never go too out of hand – while getting plenty of fun to boot. Just to make sure though, they’d need a sexy human co-host to put people’s minds at ease, who could step in if there was trouble.


Richard frowned as he looked at himself in the full-length mirror. After all the interviews, it wasn’t like he didn’t know the theme of Your Wish Is My Command, but that didn’t mean he’d expected to be clad in leather. Turning around to inspect his behind, he couldn’t really disapprove of the trousers, but the open jacket and collar were a bit much. He patted his exposed stomach. It wasn’t the worst, but a lack of abs or toning was pretty embarrassing. Hell, meeting his Genie co-host like this was going to be awkward, let alone an entire audience.

There was a knock on the door, and the producer popped her head around the frame, “Ready to meet Dusty?”

Richard straightened, opening his arms and turning slightly to the side, so she could see the outfit, “I look kind of stupid, but sure.”

The producer smiled knowingly, “Dusty actually choose it herself after seeing your interview footage.”

“The collar though?”

“Ahh, well,” she shifted slightly, “I think she might see you as a bit of a pet to pamper and play with. You’ll get used to it. Oh. Don’t forget you’ll need to make a wish in front of her. She needs to know she can trust you in front of an audience. Just…be careful with your wording.”

“It’s not a problem. I’ve already got a plan. What, did you think I’m going to say ‘I wish Dusty had complete control over me?’”

Trying very hard not to do a hard face-palm, the producer looked at Richard in disbelief. After a few seconds of staring, the corners of her lips twitched upwards into a smirk, “Well, I’ll just leave you two to it.” She left while shaking her head.

Before he could follow to ask any questions, a full sized Dusty appeared, sitting on the dresser beside him. She was giggling so much; she was in danger of falling onto the floor. “I can’t. Believe. You said. That.” Her legs flailed in front of her as she panted out the words.

Richard closed his eyes as reality struck, “Shit.”

“Ow” Dusty clutched at her stomach, “Ow, it’s too funny!”

It was hard not to smile at the petite Genie, shaking with laughter. While he waited for her to calm down, Richard took the opportunity to check out his new co-host. Despite the obvious alien attributes, silvery wings and large slanted eyes, there was something cute and attractive about her as a whole, probably thanks to her current gleeful expression.

He was just about to ask what they were supposed to do now when she suddenly fluttered over to him. Her large eyes peered curiously at his face. She slowly circled around his body, moving her hands all over him. As she did so, she made varying noises of analysis, supposedly dependent on whether she approved of that part of him, or not. Eventually, she came back to face him, “From the video, I did think you were a little more…built.” She squished his arm with a pouty expression.

“Well, excuse me - ”

Dusty ran her fingers over his body, once again, and Richard blinked as he felt his muscles tightening and toning. Looking down he saw that attractive abs had replaced his previously soft belly, and a very satisfied Genie was rubbing her face against his new muscular arms.

“Right. Okay. How did you -?”

“I have complete control over you.” She looked up at him smugly, “Small tweaks like this are easy. I can do things like this, too.” She stepped back to dramatically clear her throat, “Bend over and touch your toes.”

Without thinking Richard immediately did what he was told, “What the -?”

“Now stay there until I say so.”

Dusty squealed happily as she ogled Richards butt, the tight leather trousers making it look especially pert.

Richard hung his head, defeated, “This is my life now isn’t it?”

Dusty made herself small and fluttered over to stare at his face. “Yup. Is that a problem?” she stared up at him, “After all, you’re the one who agreed to work with a Genie. What did you expect to happen, making a wish like that?”

The corner of his lips twitched upwards, “Alright. You got me. So you gonna let me do my job, or are you just going to stare at my butt all day?”

Dusty chuckled, eyes twinkling, “Tempting.” Flying back around she reached forward to grab his behind, then suddenly stopped, “Ooo stay there a sec, I’ve got an idea.”

She flittered off out the room.

Richard signed. Of course she’d just left him with his ass in the air. He attempted to move, but other than a few small finger twitches and neck movement he was locked in. To make matters worse, his jacket was slowly slipping down his arms and over his head.

Luckily it wasn’t long until a soft titter of amusement announced Dusty’s return, “Topless with your arse in the air, just what are you expecting?” She didn’t wait for this response before plonking a thick roll of black duct tape into his hands, “Look what I found in storage!”

“Which I’m supposed to do what with, exactly?”

“Sit on your knees, then wrap the tape around your mouth until it’s completely jammed shut.” Despite saying it in an offhand way, the command was clear. Richard had no choice but to do what he’d been told.

He found the end of the roll with his fingers and peeled back a long strip, “And just what are you going to do to me after I’ve done this to myself, Miss Dustymoth?” He raised an eyebrow at her as he silenced himself with the tape, wrapping the strip tightly around the back of his head until it was completely secure. “Hhppn nhw?”

“Hehe yay.” Dusty jumped up and down before snuggling into his lap and wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. “Silent guys are the best, because they can’t complain, or ask a million questions.”

She smugly put a finger over where his lips would be, then said quietly, “Genies don’t have a choice you know? As soon as you made that wish, and I heard it, I had to make it come true.” The cheekiness returned as quickly as it had left, “And, well, it’s in my nature to have a bit of fun. At least I know you’ll be easy to work with and won’t betray me, because I’ll happily tell you to shove something up your own butt if you piss me off.” She smiled ruefully, and gave him a hug, “Thanks for listening.”

He rolled his eyes, “Nhh’rm wmlghmm.”

She went to leave again, turning back just before she closed the door, “Just have fun with it, and we’ll get on like a house on fire.”

Of course, she conveniently forgot that Richard couldn’t move, let alone take off the duct tape gag until she let him. So he was found like that a good hour later, when the producer came around to ask why he was late for his practice run on set.

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Gubblenub Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is adorable and really fun, love it :D
LittleDustermoth Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Professional Writer
Thank you :)
Lambent-North Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I love the way Richard and Dusty's personalities play off each other :D This is a great set-up for these two characters~
LittleDustermoth Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2017  Professional Writer
Thank you, so much. I'm glad you enjoyed them; they were certainly a fun pair to write. :)
ThatFoolishOne Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017
Yeaaah more Dusty. Love it. :la:
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