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Woohoo!!! On May 30, 2006 at 9:34 AM, Strawberry was viewed for the 1000th time! It's closing in on my pageviews quite quickly now. Thanks to all who have taken the time to view it!
216D, 12H, 1M, 17J, 1P

Well, it's been a very long time since I have been on da, and an even longer time since I have submitted any photos. However, I have still been taking pictures, though my busy school and track schedules have gotten in the way.

Anyway, I went to Disney World (Florida) a few weeks ago along with the music department at my school. I had a great time there and took seven rolls of film on my "old" film camera. Though I would have liked to have brought my telephoto and wide-angle lenses along, I didn't because it would have taken up more of my already-filled space. I will be putting up a few pictures from Disney eventually (hopefully today).
So right now I have 997 pageviews. You know what that means? Well, if you didn't notice, it means that I have 3 more to go before I'm at 1,000. Whoever gets the 1,000th pageview wins the satisfaction of knowing that they made the 1,000th view of my page. Good luck! (as if there was such a thing as luck...)
Yesterday (Wednesday), I turned 16. Some of the things I got were as follows:
A hat from the Czech Republic :)
Polish and Czech money :)
A DVD burner :)
An extra battery for my camera :)
An external batter charger for my camera :)
My 800th pageview here on DA! :)
So yeah, now I will probably have my pictures on CD, too, so that I won't lose them if anything happens to my computer.
Okay, so I just got the Gimp to finally work on my computer. I was having problems with a file in the GTK+ "stuff", so it wouldn't load and a bunch of stuff. So anyway, I got the Gimp working again. :-)

I'll be putting up some pictures within the next few days. My dad put up a blocker thing on most of the deviantart pages a while ago because of the types of pictures that same people put up, but somehow my ability to submit pictures was ... eliminated. I'm hoping to get my dad to set it to allow me to submit pictures when he gets home from work. If he does that, I'll probably submit some pictures from the past however long it has been tonight.
If you want a g-mail account, I have 50 invitations I can give out, so just let me know and I'll send you one.
Wow, I hadn't made a journal entry from the time I joined untill 5 days ago, and here I am making another one!

Anyway, on Christmas, my dad said that there were still some presents in the mail. He asked if I wanted to know then what it was, but I chose not to because I would rather have it as a surprise when I opened it. Well, it finally came yesterday, and my dad wrapped it up. At this point, I was suspecting a digital camera for a number of reasons. The first package I opened up was a Sony Cyber-shot DSC f-828. The most I thought I would have gotten was a 717, not the newest model, the 828. I also got a camera bag, a lens cleaner kit, and 3 filters (UV, Polar, Fluorescent).
All along, I knew that there was going to be a catch to it, and at that point my dad told me what it was. I have to 'work' for my dad for 80 hours taking pictures and editing them of him doing garagedoor work so he can set up a tutorial on the internet for changing springs. But then, in order to get memory cards for it, I had to agree to 100 hours instead.

So yeah, right now I'm really excited and I'm going to go ahead and put a picture or two up that I took last night.
Yeah, well, in a few months I'll look back at this and see how mild of an accomplishment it is (if you even want to call it an accomplishment), but, for the time being, its something. Thanks for viewing! :-)