Jealous ~Luffy x Reader~ (One Shot)

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“Luffy, do you really like her?” [Name] whispered as she sat across the older male in the kitchen.

It was a serious conversation between the close friends that no one was on the Sunny but them. Everyone in the crew knew how much this meant to [Name] yet only one individual didn't notice. It was her best friend Luffy- who seemed to fail to notice how deeply in love she was towards him. She even gave obvious hints like kissing him publicly on the cheek, giving her food when she was actually starving, and playing with him in every game he thought about. Yet, Luffy shrugged it off as a form of their friendship.

It hurt [Name] knowing her friend couldn't notice her- the way she notices him. Every time she saw him; she would smile and laugh despite the hardships all the crew went though. She also didn't even mind his gross nature when it came to food or picking his nose-it was a unique characteristic. However, what she mostly adored was his thirst for adventure and his child-free attitude. It was like she was her ten year old self when she was with him. To be able to feel that way again made her feel so happy, they were no more problems or anything to hold her back.

Yet, there was another female in the picture.

For the last month, the crew had landed on an island. It was a typical isolated island with it's people and how safe it was from pirates and marines. But it was where Luffy met another girl that seem to caught his interest for the first time. It broke [Name] heart just watching them together- where they fed each other and how they almost hang out everyday. It seemed she was out of the picture as a best friend and not even having a chance to express her feelings. The crew witness it all and had no idea what to do but comfort [Name] in any way they can.

Now that would lead us to the current situation. The crew had decided to leave the two alone and give [Name] the chance to talk to him. It was the best solution they could give for a desperate girl who simply was head over heels for a fool. It was all up to [Name] to either talk to Luffy or not.

“Who?” Luffy said as he tilted his head in a childish manner.

“Um...Momoko.” [Name] said uneasily as she looked down onto the floor.

“Well yeah. She's my friend.” He smiled widely, “She even give me a lot of meat today.”

When [Name] saw that smile she crashed down onto the floor, leaving her seat flying. She simply couldn't handle his stupidity of not knowing. She didn't want to see him smile and speak about the girl she has grown jealous off. She didn't want him to love another but she wanted him to be happy. Yet, she couldn't say it to his face. So, all she did was cry.

“Oi! [Name]! What are you doing!” Luffy shouted as he jumped out of his seat and pulled her into tight hug, “Are you okay! Did someone hurt you!?”

[Name] began to cry harder at his words, cry harder from his innocence, cry harder from his touch. It pained her. She ignored her urged to hug him back like she usually would and continued to cry her heart out. She could no longer speak. It was that painful.

“Oi! [Name] what did I do wrong!?” Luffy cried in agony, slightly shaking his best friend in his arms.

She came to a stopped, looking at Luffy with wonder still sniffing once and a while. Luffy had just notice he did something wrong. It was like the first time he knew what she was exactly feeling.  How did he know? When she cried so hard last time, he barely knew anything or even said a word to her. So, now he was crying as if he had lost a friend. Did he really?

“Why won't you hug back?” He cried as he buried his face onto her chest, “Is it because I did something wrong right!?”

[Name]  smiled weakly but just patted Luffy's head in a sort of comfort way. She would never admit it was his fault. She was the one who fell in love with him. He didn't know it and he shouldn't even be given the blame. He was just so innocence when it came to love.

“No...Luffy..” She whispered, “It's um..”

Luffy's arms gripped onto her tighter. This was what [Name] noticed the moment she spoke those words in a struggle. She didn't know what was wrong with him but she looked at him very closely. She couldn't see his eyes due to the fact they were hidden under his straw hat. But she knew he was in a foul mood as the dark aqua came from his body.

“Luffy, are you ok-”

Before she could finish she felt a hot and hard pressure on her lips. Her eyes widen in shock as Luffy forcefully press his lips onto hers in a hungry but angry kiss. She couldn't even comprehend exactly what was going on. She just knew Luffy seemed angry.  And he was showing it to her physically.

Not only did she felt his lips but his hands were going to certain places they shouldn't be. To her, [Name] had no idea what to do but wait until he was to stop on his own. She knew better than to kiss someone who was angry especially if it was Luffy. Although, she knew she was running out of breathe and lack of control. She never knew he could kiss so well.

“Why won't you kiss back..” Luffy muttered as his lips were still pressed against [Name]'s soft ones, “Why won't you hug back...?”

“Luffy...” [Name] whispered as she pulled away as far as she could.

“NO!” Luffy cried as he tighten his hold onto her waist.

“Luffy...what's gotten into you?” [Name] whispered as she tried to loosen his hold.

“I'm not going to lose you!” He cried as he once again buried his face into her neck again.

This time [Name] blushed at his actions. She was clearly confused and she still had gotten over the kiss. It was just to much for her to handle.

“Luffy...what's gotten into you?” She than decided to hug the crying male.

“Stupid...I thought it was going to win your heart.”

[Name] eyes widen at this, “What do you mean Luffy...?”

“Sanji said it's best to win a girl's heart by hanging with another girl as much as you can” He muffled into her neck which cause slight tickling sensations, “He said it would work. Yet, when I saw you hurt. I hurt too yet, I still continued believing it would work. But it didn't!Look at what I've done.”

It came so clear now to [Name]. All the ignoring and all the “You can wait” was all about making her jealous. Luffy simply just trusted Sanji's advice and continued despite his first hint of pain towards himself and her. She couldn't explain how relief she was but at the same time she couldn't believe Luffy was suffering as much as she was.

“Luffy...” She whispered, “Head up please.”

Luffy automatically look up at the command of the girl he was madly in love with. He was met, with a surprise, a soft kiss on the lips. He immediately kissed back with much effort.  

“Luffy, you didn't need to make me jealous. I already loved you.” [Name] gave a weak smile, hugging him in a sweet embrace.

“Love you too...I have to beat up Sanji.” Luffy said and growled at the same time.

It was then [Name] laughed so hard and freely kissed Luffy as many times as she wanted.

Luffy was so darn cute and irresistible.
Luffy One Shot!! Had fun writing this one too! Enjoy reading! :)

When it comes to love, if possible for Luffy. It has to be a close friend. He would go to extreme heights for the girl but only if he knew it can win her over. This is what I think. Runaway Heart 
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Ah٫ im not crying٫٫ YOU are ;3;
Reasons not to trust Sanjis love advice
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Oh don't mind me, I'm just, you know, crying my FUCKIN EYES OUT.
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Loved every part of it... 💞

Except the part he was crying...😢

Kidding I did like it...😄

It just made my heart sting...💔
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Haha so fluffy, definitely suits luffy
GO AHEAD AND BEAT THAT SON OF A FLIRT UP. NOONE'S STOPPING YA. ((Not like anyone can anyways..))
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OMG SA CYAAAAATTTTTTTT La la la la La la la la La la la la :la: choir :la: choir :la: choir 
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Am I the only one trying to think of a way Luffy can beat up Sanji?
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Precious baby
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This reminds me of those Korean dramas! Touching and stupidly oblivious. ;-;
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Amazing! So sweet!👏🏽
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