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Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep1 (literature)

This Is The Begining : PREVIOUS | NEXT :  Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep2 (literature) by LittleDevil-888

Properly formatted script: Wolf Of Penumbra S1 Ep1 script

In a post-apocalyptic world where portals invite the supernatural, a mischievous high school student attempts to live a moderately normal life after becoming the first human-wulver hybrid. 

This story is written to resemble TV scripts with an age rating of 14+ in mind. Please note that these scripts are speculative and always subject to change
, I update constantly!

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(Human half)   WOP: Jacqueline Character Sheet (Human Half) by LittleDevil-888(Wulver half)  WOP: Jacqueline Character sheet (Wulver Half) by LittleDevil-888

HARLEY HAYZER:  WOP: Harley Character Sheet by LittleDevil-888
DUSTIN FLETCHER: WOP: Dustin Character Sheet by LittleDevil-888

I think that's it. If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask!

PS. If you're on mobile, you've got to download the PDF.

© 2019 - 2021 LittleDevil-888
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Why don't you make this into a web-comic? I know a lot of young artists want to create a TV show, but I think creating a comic may be better. It'll give you some practice as an artist, and how to pace a story out, besides you already have the script for the first episode.
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I'm 20 lol. (I guess that's still technically young tho?) The one major reason I'm doing it this way instead of a web-comic is time. I started and finished this episode in a week of non-stop work (now keep in mind I had the previous version to work from). I can dish these out at a decent pace, episode 2 is already about 80% done. If I had to draw every scene in a web-comic the story would move at a crawl and it would take months for 1 ep. Id like to keep the story moving at a decent pace (hoping to get at least 1 ep a month out given my life doesn't go absolutely nuts)
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That was a fun little read!! Keep making these and I'll defiantly check them out Love 

btw Danny Phantom was one of my favorite kids shows growing up X3
LittleDevil-888's avatar
Thank you so much for checking it out! 

Danny Phantom holds a special place in my heart. I love teen superheroes and how flawed they can be. Ben 10, American Dragon Jake Long, Generator Rex all these cartoons inspired me to make something a little more mature. While I still love the cartoons I'm older now and I feel like an update to the genre is needed, now hopefully I'll be the one doing it with Living In Penumbra.I am a dummy! 
CreativeFiddler's avatar
Ikr heck I'll still rewatch those shows, but I can agree with adding some more maturity in them. It's not that the shows are bad there just ment for the younger audience XP and I hate that people think cartoons are for "kids" only. 

I like what you have for living in penumbra. YOU have a  thorough understanding of how wulvers work (I'm assuming their more fire based cause of the burning flesh and fire claws but idk for sure). I can tell that you have a plot for this story 83 (btw I really like the original take on werewolves). I'm not entirely sure if the characters are living in some type of dystopia because of the wulvers, cause it sounds like they where really populated and a pain to deal with until the people found their weaknesses. Also I think her dad knows something up with her ;)

Last thing this story oddly reminds me of my oc's story, I called it Among Myths basically it was mythology/fantasy theme and about the lives of three teens that had to deal with hiding their non human identities or knowing about the mythical side of the world. The three would get tangled up in messes and end up fighting off bad peeps. It was a comic I made when I was like idk 10-12 maybe which is why I ain't posting that trash lol, but I still treasure the characters

And finally the last thing where's episode 2 OWO
LittleDevil-888's avatar
Lol, also why aren't there more shows with werewolves? Teen Wolf is awesome but the live action is so limiting! If it was an animated show imagine how much cooler it could have been! Uck, I digress. I love a good slow burn (pun intended) so be sure to stick with it and don't be afraid to tell me if something doesn't quite add up, it could have been a mistake on my part (thinking I wrote something in only not to).
Episode 2 is currently being worked on, I'd guess in about a week it should be up but don't quote me as life can throw many a wrench!
"Among Myths" sounds really interesting, ever think of writing their story? I love most any teen drama that involves something supernatural so I'd probably be hooked.
CreativeFiddler's avatar
Yeah what's up with that?!? I always dream of seeing more shows with werewolves, and supernatural shenanigans (I might have a mild obsession with these creatures lol). teen wolf was pretty good but I wasn't a big fan of how their werewolves look x_x this might be me just being picky though XD but I do agree with your statement on the live action take, it could have been way better if animated. And sure I'll let you know if things don't quite make sense (I'm not the best at peer editing though)
And sweet!! I still can't wait for episode 2 but yes real life comes first

And as far as Among Myths I'm probably not going to write any "stories" as I would need to rethink the whole story and figure out an actual plot, as I made this when I was in middle school lol
But I'm currently writing Alex's(werewolf) Cheyenne(vampire) and Rin's(human) background/bios. They would be my main trio of the story but I had loads of other characters I made, I think this is why I have to many oc's Oof. Anyways I think the best way I could describe Among Myths is a crazy mix of Danny Phantom, American dragon, Juniper Lee, Tokyo Ghoul, the Underworld movies(yes I watched every single one XP), and Grimm(it's like a police show but with monsters). Basically all the supernatural and fantasy stuff I loved wrapped into one big inspiration :3
LittleDevil-888's avatar
Yeah! Lots of people love werewolves and it sucks there aren't any animated shows that feature a protagonist that's a werewolf that actually looks like a werewolf! I hate how Teen Wolf just stuck some hair, nails, and contacts on them and called them werewolves. (Don't even get me started on that "wolf run" they tried to do, Jesus that was bad!) Have you seen "The Order" on Netflix? Its got a unique take on werewolves and they actually look like werewolves! The downside is I'm guessing the CGI was too expensive cuz you don't see the full wolf form that often but the story is really good and funny. Hope they get a bigger budget in season 2.
CreativeFiddler's avatar
OMG I almost forgot about that "run" XD.
and no I haven't heard about "The order" but I'll definitely check it out now (Sadly I don't have Netflix :C but I'll figure something out). I've seen "Bitten"(I think that's what its called) but only a few episodes 
LittleDevil-888's avatar
I think we’d all like to forget about that run lol! Yeah I’m sure you can find “the order” somewhere it’s really really well done in my opinion, came out pretty recently too I think. “Bitten” is where they turn into real wolfs right? I saw it advertised but haven’t seen it.
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