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Hello My Name Is +sticker+

:+fav: IF YOU DOWNLOAD!!!!! plz :D
Here ya go. So then you don't have to waste time vectoring it.
Its an .eps file by the way.
Please tell me when you use it, I want to see what you do with it!!!!!
P.S. This was made in CS3. But being its an eps. I don't think it matters.

1. Don't save this as an image and call it your own.
2. Don't make minor adjustments and save it as your own.
3. Don't be a n00b

Its quite hard to find a nice reference photo of the "hello my name is" stickers. For all you graphic Designers out there. The Font is Arial [bold] then you gotta mess with the kerning. There are so manny different "official" styles of this sticker depending on the brand you get. So you might want to move things around to your liking. :D
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child of the one true king!
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Hello i used your stock here… thank you <3
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thank you honestly it is kinda hard to find a good reference for these.
oh and this
my name is revenge and im here to save my name
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Very thanks bro.,i love this sticker for my tags,thanks for free sticker. :)
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thanks for this, will being using it shortly!!
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Awwww I will use it for my group, and sure will inform you when I do, love it.
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i used it for being random
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downloaded and faved,,, i will be sure to inform you of when i use this. thank you! :la:
Downloaded. Thanks men
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Can I edit "my name is" text? Maybe to "my blog is" or the other?
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Seen this on this weeks South Park
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Hey, is it alright with you if I turn this into a brush file for photoshop? Then hopefully upload onto here and link back to this page?
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thx dude!

I'll use this on streets ^^
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check out how i used your sticker!
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I used this in [link] and [link]
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You did a great job with this, it's just what I was looking for! I used it here > [link]
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I used the file at


I made the graphic a brighter red, but I started with your easy to use file. Thanks a ton.
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